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Main Characters

POI 0501 Bear.png

Played by Gotcha

POI 0501 Root.png

Played by Amy Acker


Image Name Played by
POI 0501 Nathan Ingram.png

Nathan Ingram

Brett Cullen
Main article: Nathan Ingram
POI 0501 Grace Hendricks.png

Grace Hendricks

Carrie Preston
Main article: Grace Hendricks

The Chase

Image Name Played by
POI 0501 Zachary.png


Robert Manning, Jr.
Main article: Zachary
POI 0501 Bela Durchenko.png

Bela Durchenko

Dikran Tulaine
A Russian hacker, he stole over a $100 million from the Russians six years ago. The Russians sent a team of FSB agents to kill him so he hired Root to kill them instead, which she successfully did. He escaped to Latvia and years later came to New York and set up his identity theft business under the guise of an electronics recycling center. While being chased by Samaritan operatives Root broke into his place of operations and had the Samaritan agents gunned down by Bela's security. She then asked him for a new identity, but he betrayed her and handed her over to Zachary. However Zachary double-crossed Bela and killed him along with his men.
POI 0501 AK-12.png


Mason Alban
A member of Bela Durchenko's security team, he gunned down the Samaritan operatives Root lured into Bela's hideout. He then questioned Root and was soon joined by Bela. He was killed along with Bela and his men by Zachary and his team.
POI 0501 Club Kid.png

Club Kid

Michael Blaustein
A party-goer, his cab was hijacked by Reese while trying to escape Zachary and his men.

8th Precinct

Image Name Played by
POI 0501 Joseph Soriano.png

Detective Joseph Soriano

Ned Eisenberg
Main article: Joseph Soriano
POI 0501 Martin LeRoux.png

S. A. Martin LeRoux

David Aaron Baker
Main article: Martin LeRoux
POI 0501 Glenda Sumner.png

IAB Agent Glenda Sumner

Lisa Tharps
An IAB agent, she informed Fusco of the death of Joseph Soriano and also that IA was closing their case on him.