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This article is a list of actors who have worked in Person of Interest and also in another Bad Robot shows (either before or after Person of Interest).


Amy Acker
Alias character: Kelly Peyton
POI character: Root
Sterling K. Brown
Alias character: Agent Rance
POI character: Cal Beecher
Mia Maestro
Alias character: Nadia Santos
POI character: Mira Dobrica
Sarah Shahi
Alias character: Jenny
POI character: Sameen Shaw


Kevin Chapman
Lost character: Mitch
POI character: Lionel Fusco
Michael Emerson
Lost character: Benjamin Linus
POI character: Harold Finch
Mark Pellegrino
Lost character: Jacob
POI character: Daniel Drake
Nestor Carbonell
Lost character: Richard Alpert
POI character: Matthew Reed
Brett Cullen
Lost character: Goodwin Stanhope
POI character: Nathan Ingram
Donnie Keshawarz
Lost character: Essam Tasir
POI character: Nick Breckenridge
Carrie Preston
Lost character: Emily Linus
POI character: Grace Hendricks
Alan Dale
Lost character: Charles Widmore
POI character: Ulrich Kohl
Ken Leung
Lost character: Miles Straume
POI character: Leon Tao
Anthony Azizi
Lost character: Omar
POI character: Yusuf


Kirk Acevedo
Fringe character: Charlie Francis
POI character: Timothy Sloan
Michael Kelly
Fringe character: John Mosley
POI character: Mark Snow
Michael Gaston
Fringe character: Sanford Harris
POI character: Mike Richelli
Michael Cerveris
Fringe character: The Observer
POI character: Jarek Koska
Ebon Moss-Bachrach
Fringe character: Joseph Meegar
POI character: Michael Cole
Blair Brown
Fringe character: Nina Sharp
POI character: Emma Blake
Donnie Keshawarz
Fringe character: Gerard
POI character: Nick Breckenridge
Randall Duk Kim
Fringe character: Dashiell Kim
POI character: Mr. Han


Michael Stahl-David
Cloverfield character: Robert Hawkins
POI character: Will Ingram


Adam Rothenberg
Alcatraz character: Johnny McKee
POI character: Andrew Benton


Jessica Collins
Revolution character: Cynthia
POI character: Abby Monroe
Maureen Sebastian
Revolution character: Priscilla Pittman
POI character: Mei Li
Tim Guinee
Revolution character: Ben Matheson
POI character: Mark Lawson
Cotter Smith
Revolution character: President Davis
POI character: Denton Weeks
Mark Pellegrino
Revolution character: Jeremy Baker
POI character: Daniel Drake
Malik Yoba
Revolution character: Jim Hudson
POI character: Andre Wilcox