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ReverieCode ReverieCode 1 September 2019

Fandom's Editor Rewards

Hello everyone! I'm Playsonic2, local admin (but rather inactive, I confess) and also a Wiki Manager assigned to Person of Interest Wiki.

For anyone visiting/contributing here, I just wanted to make sure you are aware of a blog post that was recently posted by Fandom Staff, with details about their incoming projects regarding Editor Rewards. Go read it to find out more... and feel free to comment in there if you have any questions/feedback.

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Harold Crane Harold Crane 26 June 2018

Favourite Person Of Interest Episode

My Favourite Person Of Interest Episode Is Where Elias Kills The Voice With A Car Bomb.

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DeviantInterface DeviantInterface 30 November 2015

Virus Countdown Timer

Soooooo, Hiiii. This is something that's been nagging at me for a few months, and it only just occurred to me to post here asking this, so here: In Season 2, Finch had a countdown application on his desktop counting down to the God Mode. I was wondering if anyone had made a spin off, or if anyone knows the application, and could help me out making one, or giving me a link. Thx

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DeviantInterface DeviantInterface 19 November 2015

Consideration of how item duration is categorized on the wikia (Eg: The Machine's boxes)

So earlier today A wikia contributor edited The Machine among some of the edits, I noticed they changed the classification of The Machine's boxes from "2x01-2x15" to "The Contingency - Booked Solid". Honestly I think it's best that we do that to ALL pages like that (I've seen other pages assign timeframes for items based on "2x01-2x??" but I can't remember where, please keep in mind I'm not being specific to season 2, this covers all seasons) for any of the members who don't have the names aligned with the number. Just a thought

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DeviantInterface DeviantInterface 17 November 2015

When and Where did we see the red square in Season 1?

So season 1 wasn't big on relevant threats, but we saw red boxes in a few areas, most notably (for me anyway) at the end of Wolf and Cub. Anyone else know where we saw red boxes throughout season 1

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MrBlonde267 MrBlonde267 13 October 2015

NYCC 2015 Person of Interest Sizzle Reel

Person of Interest made its fifth appearance at New York Comic Con this weekend, with series stars Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Kevin Chapman, Amy Acker, and Sarah Shahi headlining a panel with executive producer Greg Plageman, co-executive producer Chris Fisher and producer Margot Lulick. The POI team answered audience questions and treated fans to a sneak peek from season 5.

Person of Interest will return to CBS midseason.

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DeviantInterface DeviantInterface 2 October 2015



Today (10/2/2015) at 8:07 AM CST, I released my Official Fan Art Page to the public! Right now I ONLY have a header, and a site description up, but I intend to work hard on it over the next couple of days, please check it out!!

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DeviantInterface DeviantInterface 1 October 2015

Profile Update!

Completley redid my profile Page! 


  • Gallery containing some of my fan art pieces
  • Some of the designations I helped contribute
  • Clicking on the link to my Facebook will now direct you to my Fan Art page, as opposed to my personal page
  • New description
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MrBlonde267 MrBlonde267 12 June 2015

Person of Interest is coming to SDCC

Warner Bros. is going to have a HUGE presence at San Diego Comic Con, and we’re excited to announce some early details about the event. They are taking 18 shows to the convention, including early screenings on Preview Night and a big Saturday event in Hall H. Wikia is going to be there, and we’re hoping to see you there too! This is information we have from the press release about Person of Interest's presence at SDCC.

"Saturday July 11th 5:15 p.m.–6:15 p.m. Person of Interest (Midseason on CBS): Person of Interest returns to San Diego for the fifth year! Join the discussion, as the science "fiction" of Person of Interest stays one step ahead of real-world events. Find out highly confidential intel when executive producers Jonathan Nolan, Greg P…

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DeviantInterface DeviantInterface 11 June 2015


Bit of a random musing:

Has anyone noticed the new chord in the Season 4 Title Sequence during the part:"Hunted by the authorities. You will never find us"

Anyone also notice that the pitch of the titles seem to vary every season. For example the Season 4 Title Sequence is at LEAST an octave higher than the other intro's, and season 3 was at least an octave lower

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Helloclaire Helloclaire 5 February 2015


Please join me in welcoming the newest member to our Admin group: P-t-x.

You might have seen him around adding Machine messages and Samaritan images, but he's also been very active behind the scenes helping us with templates and other coding jobs. We're happy to have P-t-x on board!

Additionally, here's an overview of all current admins on this wiki:

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Helloclaire Helloclaire 13 January 2015

Wikia's new article design

For the past few weeks, the staff at Wikia have been working on a prototype for a new article design. You can read more about it here: User blog:Rupert Giles/Prototype for a new article layout (also take a minute to read the comments)

So far we don't know when Wikia will release this new skin, or if they force it upon each wiki, or -when they do- if there's a chance to revert back to the current skin (Oasis).

For now, you can preview the new design by adding ?useskin=venus to the URL of an article or a page here on the wiki. For example:

Note that we don't know if this is really the final version, or if there's still anything waiting …

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CsPPP CsPPP 3 November 2014

Oh... The Irony!!!

So, it's been a while since I've dunked my chip into some dip, and, yes... I'm still totally sticking with the SALSA (Speculative Assumptions and Liable Speculative Analysis) puns. I haven't posted a theory in some time, but now I think I have more than enough info to post my first guess at what is to come. So hold on to your butts because things are about to get spicy in here. I have a lot of different angles I'm going to cover. Suffice to say, this one is about the final turnout of season 4 as a whole.

So, let's begin with what I'm sure most of us think will happen: the battle with Samaritan comes to a climax. Hopefully our team makes it through, but how everything goes down is half the fun! I think our team will make it through, but... n…

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Helloclaire Helloclaire 23 October 2014

Suggestion: Supporting characters tab + improved Cast & Crew list

LG and I were talking about reworking the guest cast and minor character articles because most of our roughly 1,400 articles are either stubs, or repetitions of what's already included in other articles. The problem with stubs is that once they're set up, they soon end up lonely and forgotten, and given that we're very much behind even with main character articles, who would ever expand those stubs. In terms of quality versus quantity, I'd rather have informative lists and tabs than dozens of unfinished or repeating articles. Here are some suggestions:

Guest Actors

If you take a look at pages about guest actors you'll see that other than "X played Y in episode Z", a rather unproportionally big image (if any), and an IMDB link, there's nothin…

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Brian Linder Brian Linder 15 September 2014

Are You Going to NYCC? Wikia Wants You!

Any Person of Interest fans going to New York Comic Con? Person of Interest will be back at the show with another big panel this year. Wikia will be there, and we want fans to join us!

We're recruiting a #WikiaFanArmy to participate in a geeked-out scavenger hunt in which you'll complete missions on social media to earn points – fans with the highest points at the end of the show will win awesome prizes. 

Plus, you'll be eligible to receive special superfan perks, like VIP access passes, celebrity meet and greets.

Interested? YEAH YOU ARE! 

Click here, fill out the form with your contact info, and we'll hit you up with details.

NYCC is October 9-12 at the Javits Center in NYC.

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WYNTER 50 WYNTER 50 14 May 2014


If you're awake and aware of the environment around you, you begin to notice things. Inconsistencies. Things that don't fit. Things that don't make sense. Time. Space. Circumstances. And especially, HUMAN BEHAVIOR. If you've awakened from the trance, you begin to notice that something isn't quite right. Something is wrong. We need to ask questions and seek answers. The quest for truth begins.

The math doesn't add up, so you ask the questions and seek answers that will lead you to the truth. Not your truth. Not my truth. THE TRUTH. And for those who think that there is no absolute truth about anything, you're wrong. That's the first absolute truth. If there are no standards, practices, policies and procedures, or rules, chaos is the result. …

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Helloclaire Helloclaire 5 May 2014

Suggestions needed: Main Navigation

Here's a suggestion for reorganizing the main navigation.

Please check if something is missing or not really necessary, or what could be added instead. Main goal is to accommodate our shiny new Person of Interest Wiki:The Library and other (newer) articles.


  • I didn't include the crew because we only have a limited number of tabs available and I don't know where to put producers/writers/directors
  • Some pages are still under construction
  • Some portals/categories may need to be updated

*Please leave your suggestions in the comments.

Thanks~ Helloclaire

  • Category:Characters|Characters
    • Portal:Main Characters|Main Characters
        • John Reese
        • Harold Finch
        • Joss Carter
        • Lionel Fusco
        • Sameen Shaw
        • Root
        • Bear
    • Portal:Recurring Characters|Recurring Characters
        • '
        • '
        • '
    • Category:Cast|C…

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Otrain Otrain 4 May 2014


[4 May 2014]
My to-do list
I have two projects that I would like to get started on, as soon as I get seasons 1 & 2 on DVD. Actually, once I get those DVDs my plan is to make a document of each episode, to store on my computer. Here are the projects that I will start on:

  • Adding scripts where I can find them (Right now only the the Pilot episode has this)
I have the following episodes in scripts

(1x02); (1x03); (1x05); (2x15)

For each script, I will validate it against each episode for accuracy; then I will upload it to the wiki.

If anyone has other scripts, I will be happy to get them.

  • Adding credits for cast and crew (Right now only the the Pilot episode has this)

Playsonic2 provided a roadmap on the Pilot episode with Pilot/Cast and Crew, so maybe …

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CsPPP CsPPP 3 April 2014

What the What?!?!

Wow, what a game changer that last episode (Most Likely To...) was! I'm still recovering from the overload of pure awesomeness, but, luckily I am strong enough to pump out a theory! I can never pass up an opportunity to share a new idea! Well, almost never, but these most recent events most certainly call for it! So much happened that I think I'll need to change up a few of my previous theories! As the season has progressed (yep, I'm totally using that exit clause that I always talk about, but that you probably never considered more than a joke) predictions have changed and more information has surfaced, which call for new up to date ideas!

So, without further ado, I present to you my theory on why I think Decima will get even trickier, Vig…

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JosephHawk JosephHawk 30 March 2014

The "Status Thing"

Hey Guys!

I have noticed that a lot of you are now using the template. (which is really awesome since I created it xD)

I would like to say though that the status is to show your overall status on the wiki. (whether you're active, or semi-active, inactive… etc) It's original purpose was not to show when your online or not. (because you have to manually change it all the time)

You can still do that, you're free to do what you wish with it! However, it can get tedious to constantly change your status.

Anyhow, just thought I would bring this up. You guys have an awesome day! =)


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WYNTER 50 WYNTER 50 26 March 2014

The "Human Touch"...

I've often wondered if the FBI "Carnivore" program was real or just misinformation. I often wondered if the government could spy on us, our computers, cell phones, and tablets.  As I learned of traffic cam deployments around the City I live in, allegedly there to prevent crime, I often wondered what other purpose they could be used for. Of course, the TV Show, "Person of Interest" made me wonder about this even more. Then an ex NSA contractor made information available to the public confirming that the NSA is not only spying on us, they have been harvesting the personal cell phone and internet based information of millions of Americans. Suddenly, conspiracy theorists don't sound so paranoid.  The fall out hasn't stopped yet, as technology …

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CsPPP CsPPP 20 March 2014

Did You Hear That?!

Ok, so I must be crazy, because I don't see any mention of this anywhere, but after the latest episode (Root Path) it's hard for me not to serve up some speculation on one key phrase I found extremely interesting. No, it's not the banter between Finch and Root, it's not the banter between Collier and Shaw, and it's not even the chip that Decima stole (that is for a later date 8D). This theory is all taken from one small phrase Root casually comments to Fusco around the middle of the show: when she tells him that she just became an FBI Agent "last night" to gain access to a nuclear power plant outside of Tulsa (That would most likely be Tulsa, Oklahoma).

Just off the top of our heads here, where else - and why - before in the show has Root b…

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LeverageGuru LeverageGuru 8 March 2014

Scheduling of Person of Interest Episodes

There seem to be a lot of questions from some of our non-U.S. contributors about how the episodes of Person of Interest are scheduled, and why there is no new episode some weeks.  Perhaps a short course in American TV seasons and schedules will help clarify. Once a fairly simple system involving three major television networks, TV seasons have become increasingly complex with the advent of cable and the availability of international programming and talent. Despite this, the traditional September to May network broadcast season lives on.

The U.S. television networks consist of the American Broadcast System (ABC), the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS, the home of POI) and the National Broadcasting System (NBC), the founders of modern American …

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CsPPP CsPPP 17 February 2014

If It Loses, We Eats It Whole...

You know what? Scratch it... scratch it all! All my silly intro's, all my analyses, all my wacky ideas cause this idea that's been tugging away at my mind is so crazy I'll surely have my sanity stripped from me. It's contrary to other theories I've posted before, but I'm gonna post it anyway! "Why?" you might ask, well, "Why not?". Can it be too much of a reversal, too flip-floppity (Yep, I know I spelled that wrong), even too safe - yes, too safe - to have more than one theory about the same thing? Perhaps, but what are we if not constantly thinking, constantly reasoning out different outcomes and possibilities, surely not human with those absent! (Oh yeah, check it. Gettin' all philosophical here, but if you think that's deep then wrap y…

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Wilem7 Wilem7 6 January 2014

The invasion south has begun

We froze our buns off in Milan the last few days so we hopped a train and a boat down to Otranto and it's spectacular!

I'm thinking about doing some writing while I am here, how zany is that! Already confirmed the torrent for Intel would be available via satelitte and I'm really looking forward to that! Of course all the wife is concerned with are the locallly made shoes and the coffee beans they grow in the areas around the volcanic vents which she swears make them taste "orgasmiatic" (her word). You should see her cringe when I put a few packets of Splenda in my coffee! says it on my visa!

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Wilem7 Wilem7 5 January 2014

The ultimate badge

Thanks to Obi and all the other other Admins for their warm wishes and kind words as today I officially joined the rank of Admins. 

I'm looking foward to making many positive contributions and making this fantastic site even better.

Thanks to all of you for your gracious support and I look forward to working closely with all of you!


Wilem7 (talk) 23:42, January 5, 2014 (UTC)

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CsPPP CsPPP 21 December 2013

Have At Thee, Yee "Good" Samaritan!

◾Ehem* And my next theory is...

The Machine is /The/ Machine! Thank you very much for reading and you can now give me kudos as I already know this will come true. 8D

[]: /command=execute LongCornyPauseForEffect;

[]: /command=hold;

[]: /command=StillHolding;

[]: /command=execute TrueBeginning|whispers;

Look! Over there! I don't believe my eyes! Is that a Cs PPP in his natural habitat? He seems to be sniffing a twinkie of some sort. Oh, wait, nope, that's a box of cheez-its. Now he's sitting down on what appears to be... a /chair/, hmm, imagine that, such a strange creature.

Now, you must understand something about the Cs PPP species. They are avid TV fans and once they've latched onto a show (if they deem it worthy after a while) then they will st…

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ReverieCode ReverieCode 13 December 2013

The New VisualEditor

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that I activated a new feature that Wikia made available, it's called VisualEditor. It's supposed to improve all about the rich-text editor most people are using nowadays to edit.

Personally I don't know much about it (I'm a fan of the old-fashioned source-code style) but you can check blog posts like this one in the Community Central site.

Any thoughts about it so far? Please comment with any feedback.

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Wilem7 Wilem7 4 December 2013


Watching "Relevance" on a cruise ship as it comes into port at Civitavecchia, Italy at 5am.  The picture quality is early 80's VHS and it's dubbed in Italian with French subtilites, but it's still a great show! 

I even spotted a blooper!  

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Helloclaire Helloclaire 30 November 2013

Frequently Asked Questions: Recurring Characters

Note: This blog post includes some explanations about how we deal with recurring characters. For now, it is mainly a collection of thoughts and possible definitions. There might be updates or changes to this blog post later.

  • General rule:

On Person of Interest wiki, we treat characters as recurring upon their third appearance across all seasons. With a few exceptions (see below), those appearances are with speaking part.

  • Once a character is recurring, they will be considered recurring in future seasons as well.

Example 1: Detective Kane
Kane appeared four times in Season 1, thus making him a recurring character in that season. In Season 2, he only appeared once but he would still be treated as recurring character because of his appearances in Season …

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Helloclaire Helloclaire 18 November 2013

Foreign language sister sites

We've got company!
Here's a list of Person of Interest wikis in other languages. Most of them are unfortunately not very active.

|| If you are an administrator or editor of one of these wikis, leave a comment and say hi! ||

Spanish // (Recent changes)
Made by our very own Playsonic2. What else is there to say about it.

Italian // (Recent changes)
This one seems quite active and the article design looks very familiar ;)

Russian // (Recent changes)
It's a very small one with unfortunately not much activity or many pages.

Chinese // (Recent changes)
Same here, very small and quiet. There's another wiki-style si…

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LeverageGuru LeverageGuru 16 November 2013

The Library: Forum and Chat Policy

We have decided to set up a central site for a variety of information about the wiki that we are (not terribly cleverly) calling the Library.  The Library will include basic information about editing, various policies and procedures, and anything else that users might need to access in one location.  

We're starting with two policies:  one for the forums and chat room, and one governing spoilers.  We're also trying to guide the community to using article talk pages for discussion of articles.  

The first page ready for review is the policy on the Forum and Chat.  We are requesting that the community review the policy (which is locked, and cannot be edited), then provide comments and feedback on the article's talk page.  I have also disabled …

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Wilem7 Wilem7 15 November 2013

Breaking the Code

According to sources close to the production, there is additional information included in the coded messages that led Finch to undercover the scheme to kill Sloan.

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ReverieCode ReverieCode 14 November 2013

About the navboxes

Hey, I just changed a bit the design of the navboxes but nothing is set on stone, so any thoughts, comments, complaints... here's the place to talk about it.

For an example of what a regular navbox looks like, this is the regular characters one.

Now, I got a little excited about a possible new idea, and decided to do it - it's with the main characters. I don't know if you'll love it or it will be too big and suck, but here it is:

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LeverageGuru LeverageGuru 9 November 2013

Character Article Revisions

I'm currently working on character article revisions, as requested by the administrative team.  As I do, I need the article I'm working on to remain stable, so I will lock it until my revisions are done.  I have a full-time and then some job, so please be patient.  Some of these articles need major revisions and restructuring, and may take some time.  If you have comments or additions, please post them as a comment here.

Upcoming projects (in no particular order):

  • Carter (edits pending, currently locked)
  • Scarface (edits pending, currently locked)
  • HR
  • Finch
  • Grace Hendricks
  • Cal Beecher

Completed projects:

  • Elias (completed 10/27/13)
  • Shaw (completed 11/8/13)

Thank you!

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Wilem7 Wilem7 8 November 2013

Episode Pics Complete

Today I finshed the last of the cast pics for 222 which means that all the episodes are up to date! 

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LeverageGuru LeverageGuru 3 November 2013

Manual of Style, Round Three: A Question of Categories

I've just completed a little project creating a series of parallel cascading categories for each of the four episode tabs across the three seasons.  This is a common way of organizing categories and keywords on searchable material in electronic databases, and I felt the somewhat random and disorganized categories on the episode would benefit from a similar structure.  The categories are organized as follows:

  • Season #
  • Episode (Tab Descriptor) (i.e. Episode Summaries)
  • Season # Tab Descriptor (i.e. Season 3 Episode Summaries)
  • Categories describing edit features in alphabetical order (such as embedded codes or multiple persons of interest)

This creates some consistency and order in these categories. Three or four categories on an article are not e…

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JosephHawk JosephHawk 3 November 2013


Greetings everyone! 

I would like to see where everyone stands on the issue of keeping the Achievement Leaderboard. Here are just a few pro's and con's of keeping it.

  • Attracts more users
  • Promotes edits
  • Creates initiative

  • Can result in worthless, cheap edits
  • Can start edit wars
  • May lead to spamming

So I ask everyone to vote in this poll of whether or not to keep the Achievements. After you vote, leave a comment stating why you believe in your position. This will also prevent "voter fraud." :P

Have a great day everyone!

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Helloclaire Helloclaire 3 November 2013

About working together...

Guys. Can we please keep the tone a little nicer here? I'm writing this to all of you (mainly LG and TJ) because I'm tired of discussing the same things all over again and I'm slightly annoyed about what's happening when I sleep.

LG: Your work on the categories is much appreciated, but, please, would you mind announcing whatever it is you're planning to do? You are well aware that TJ loves to work on the wiki and he's often faster than you can say ironic facial hair, so for the sake of doing your work just say a word and we're all on the same page.

Having said that, I think it's time we put our currently floating rules and guidelines in writing so that everybody can refer to them and we finally get a standard set of policies for this wiki. Pe…

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CsPPP CsPPP 2 November 2013

Where Are We Heading You Ask? Too... the Future!!!

And you thought I was just going to run and hide at the first sign of collapse; don't deny it, I see it in your eyes! Well think again! For I have returned to take it like a blogger and say... no, wait, a blogger would totally just excuse it with "I didn't mean that when I wrote it!" and that's not what I intend to do! So, for all you thinkin' it, yes, it appears I was dead wrong and that the Vigilance group is completely against Root and The Machine! This might be true and with every minute that goes on I'm leaning closer to that myself. So take that me!!! I was wrong, ha!!! I'm so stupid! (Don’t ya just love saying 'I told you so'?).

Ok, so now that, that is out of the way, I shall address a few new developments. Firstly, Root totally had…

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Helloclaire Helloclaire 28 October 2013

Scarface loves the Wiki!

What a pleasure to have our favourite mob enforcer among our readers!

(here on Twitter)

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Wilem7 Wilem7 25 October 2013

Season 2

I've just begun downloading season II in 780 Bluray but it's 58 Gigabytes so it will take awhile me thinks.

Once I have that, I will start on the cast pics for Season II.  The few episodes I already did in Season II will be redone. Season III is done (to date) and I have one more episode in Season I to wrap up.  My fingers need a rest anyway.

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ReverieCode ReverieCode 25 October 2013

Introducing... the POI tab!

Ladies and gentleman, I'm pleased to announce that the POI tabs are ready to be filled with information.

Last week we (admins) were discussing a lot about adding tabs to each episode, the ones you can now see at the beginning of those articles ("Overview", "Summary", "POI", "Cast and Crew"). We started working with the first two ones and then with "Cast and Crew" (and I have to thank Wilem7 because he is just making A LOT of those, and it's very hard work!).

The POI tab was the last one because we had to make a new template based on our idea, which can be seen right now being used in Reasonable Doubt/POI. What we want is just to add minor information about all the persons of interest seen in the episode (like if it were Finch's board) with the…

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Wilem7 Wilem7 25 October 2013

Episode Cast Pics

Milestone alert: 25th episode completed for cast pictures.

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Wilem7 Wilem7 23 October 2013

Razgovor Summary


A woman's voice is heard reporting that a car had an accident after a tire blew out. Firefighters respond and find the driver dead.  They are surprised to hear a little girl's voice calling out and quickly locate her in the wreckage. The fireman assures the trapped girl that she will be ok and that they have called her mother and are preparing to extricate her from the wreck. After getting her out of the car, the fireman carries her to a waiting ambulance. The girl asks about her father and comes to realize that he has died. The fireman apologizes and the girl responds oddly by asking for a sandwich.  The firefighters discuss their concern for the little girl due to her odd reaction.


A medical transport truck is forced off the road…

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TJlive800 TJlive800 19 October 2013

My favorite Person of Interest episodes

Hello, everyone!

This is my long-awaited list of reviews of my favorite episodes of Person of Interest. As season 3 progresses, this may update, but for now, this highlights the most wonderfully-crafted masterpieces this amazing show has had to offer, and these are the episodes that really stand up there as some of the best.

These are in no specific order whatsoever.

  • 1 Season 2 Episode 16 - "Relevance"
  • 2 Season 1 Episode 22 - "Firewall"
  • 3 Season 1 Episode 19 - "Flesh and Blood"
  • 4 Season 1 Episode 21 - "Many Happy Returns"
  • 5 Season 2 Episode 12 - "Prisoner's Dilemma"
  • 6 Season 2 Episode 13 - "Dead Reckoning"
  • 7 Season 2 Episode 5 - "Bury the Lede"
  • 8 Season 1 Episode 11 - "Super"
  • 9 Season 1 Episode 6 - "The Fix"
  • 10 Season 1 Episode 13 - "Root Cause"
  • 11 Season 1 Episo…

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JosephHawk JosephHawk 16 October 2013

Czech this out :P

Hey Guys!

I decided to make a quiz to see which Person of Interest character you are. If you want to check it out, and take it, it's right here:

Enjoy! :)

Have an awesome day!

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LeverageGuru LeverageGuru 13 October 2013

Manual of Style, Round Two: Episode Synopsis

As I've begun amassing comment and ideas toward a Manual of Style (and I won't have time to compile anything until the holidays), I've noted the growing length of the episode synopses.  I also notice the headings seem to bias toward dates, which don't tell us much, versus explanatory headings such as Playsonic used very effectively in the summary for Liberty.  

A synopsis is defined as:  A brief summary of the major points of a written work, either as prose or as a table; an abridgment or condensation of a work.

Just out of curiosity, I checked the word count for the synopsis of "Liberty".  With headings and picture code (which would be roughly 150-200 words) the synopsis is over 2700 words.  That's four pages single-spaced with 12 pt. font.…

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CsPPP CsPPP 13 October 2013

I Always Have a Plan... I Mean, Theory!

So I was siting on my Lazy Boy (couch. I said I didn't have a Lazy Boy "Chair"; didn't say anything about a couch XD) and BANG!!! Nothing hit me... so I got up and got something to eat (it was an excruciating walk from the couch to the fridge let me tell you) and then, like magic, BANG!!! Still nothing... So then, after relieving myself, BANG!!! Something finally came to me! I forgot to let the dog back in... but then, when I wasn't even trying I sat down and just started typing, a few minutes ago in fact with no idea what I was going to say. So I present to you my next theory, totally off the fly. This one is about Finch's relationship to The Machine... I think... J/K

I think this theory can be cleanly split into two sections, before and t…

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TJlive800 TJlive800 8 October 2013

Main Page Additions

   [1]Each featured page (episode, quote, article, season list, links) should have a black background/white border like the tracked conversation about HR as shown above.Added by TJlive800Hey guys,Here's a little proposal to improve the look of the main page of the wiki. It looks cool already, but with the recent addition of the wiki's Twitter page, I thought maybe we could have the main page stylized like The Machine.

Along the top, there will be icon links for the CBS Person of Interest website, our Twitter Page, and a link to the Wikia main page.  These icons will basically be the logos for each site surrounded by a Machine box.

" as an example. Sorry for the white corners. They weren't supposed to be there.]]Below will be the featured pag…

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