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Missing info from:The Day the World Went Away
This article discusses a group, project, or location which also exists outside the Person of Interest universe.
Its portrayal in the show may differ significantly from its real-world counterpart.
Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach - Surf Ave.jpg

NameBrighton Beach

First AppearanceMission Creep

Latest AppearanceThe Day the World Went Away

ConnectionElias' turf

PurposeMafia hotspot


ResidentsCharlie Burton

LocationBrooklyn, NYC

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Brighton Beach is a coastal neighborhood at the south end of Brooklyn, stretching between Manhattan Beach and Coney Island. It is home to a large, multi-generational Jewish population which began immigrating during the Depression and in the years surrounding World War II. Newer residents are primarily Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union. It is also the center of the Russian mafia in New York.

In Person of Interest, Brighton Beach used to be run by Don Moretti, the Russian mob took over when Moretti went to prison. At that time, Vincent DeLuca (“The Fix”) and Benny D’Agostino worked there as members of La Cosa Nostra under Don Moretti.

Now Moretti’s son Elias wants to claim his birth right by getting back control over the neighborhood. (“Witness”)

Apart from Elias, HR is also running business in Brighton Beach. (“Wolf and Cub”)

After severing ties with HR and with Peter Elias declared war on the Russian Mafia with assistance from the POI Team and has kicked them out of Brighton Beach.(“Razgovor”)

Notable Residents

  • Sam Latimer - Former US military, bar owner and ring leader. He wanted to work with Elias but was eventually killed by him.
  • Elias - Working under the alias Charlie Burton as a history teacher in the Brighton Beach school district. He lived in an apartment at 7117 Brightwater Court. Killed by a Samaritan operative outside his old apartment complex.
  • Will - One of Burton's students who helped Reese and Burton to hide from the Russian gang. He’s living with his father in the Double Bs.
  • Ivan Yogorov - Russian mob boss who ordered the hit on Benny D'Agostino at the bodega as revenge for Elias’ mob murdering his brother. He was killed by Scarface.

Notable Locations

Image Location

1x03 The Green Zone.jpg

The Green Zone - A bar run by Sam Latimer in Coney Island. Reese goes there to apply for becoming a member of Joey Durban's gang. (“Mission Creep”)
The real location is a sports bar and cafe named Bratva on 1205 Surf Ave.[1]

1x07 Charlie Burton's home.jpg

Elias' apartment - Located at the corner of Coney Island Ave. and Brightwater court. There is a Bayridge Savings Bank across from the building. Finch hacked into the ATM to access the surveillance feed.
The actual location is at 711 Brightwater Court. The bank is really a Jewish Community centre.

Brighton Beach - Double Bs.jpg

Double Bs - A housing project for people with low income that is now run by a Bulgarian drug dealer. Reese and Charlie Burton were hiding from Yogorov’s men inside the building.
Originally filmed at the Ebbets Field Apartments in Flatbush, it has been digitally altered to appear in the proximity of Charlie Burton’s apartment.

Brighton Beach Bodega.jpg

Bodega - A small grocery shop where Benny D'Agostio was killed. Charlie Burton had groceries delivered from the bodega twice a month. The real location is Golden Key Gourmet Foods at 1067 Brighton Beach Avenue. [2]