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In each episode summary on this wiki, the flashback segments of the episode are described in a gray field to more easily distinguish the break in the narrative timeline.

Image Episode Character(s) Year/Date
POI 0405 Flashback1.png Prophets Harold Finch October 13, 2001
Finch kills the Machine because it lied.
POI 0405 Flashback2.png Prophets Harold Finch, Nathan Ingram November 29, 2001
Nathan Ingram tried to Log-In into The Machine, but The Machine only

sees Finch as its admin and tried to escape using Nathan's Laptop.

POI 0405 Flashback3.png Prophets Harold Finch December 31, 2001
The Machine tries to kill Harold.
POI 410 Flashback1.png The Cold War John Greer 1973
Greer's superior, Blackwood, briefs Greer on his new assignment at MI6 headquarters: Oleg Luski.
POI 410 Flashback2.png The Cold War John Greer 1973
The assassination attempt on Luski fails. Greer loses a collegue, Jacob, during the firefight in Soho.
POI 410 Flashback3.png The Cold War John Greer 1973
Luski reveals to Greer he is a double agent recruited by Blackwood, who is also a double agent.
POI 410 Flashback4.png The Cold War John Greer 1973
Before destroying his own file at MI6, Greer confronts and shoots Blackwood to death.
POI 0411 Flashback1.png If-Then-Else The Machine 2003
The Machine reviews decision making training protocols via a game of chess with Finch.
POI 0411 Flashback2.png If-Then-Else The Machine 2003
Finch notices that The Machine favors playing the queen during their chess game. He teaches her a lesson in strategy through the story and history behind the queen chess piece.
POI 0411 Flashback3.png If-Then-Else The Machine 2003
The Machine offers to play another game of chess.  Finch refuses.  Finch imparts another lesson: "Anyone who looks on the world as if it was a game of chess deserves to lose."
4x17 - FB01 - Alicia Corwin.png Karma Harold Finch 2010
After the ferry bombing, Finch threatens Alicia Corwin with harassing phone calls.  Finch also begins construction on a bomb.
4x17 - FB02 - Machine.png Karma Harold Finch 2010
Finch ignores The Machine when she tries to convince him not to plant a bomb on Alicia Corwin's car.
4x17 - FB03 - Harold the perpetrator.png Karma Harold Finch 2010
Finch threatens Alicia Corwin with the bomb attached to her car, blaming her for Nathan Ingram's death. Corwin convinces Finch that she was not the perpetrator for his murder. In the end, Finch decides to not kill Corwin.
POI 0420 Reese.png Terra Incognita John Reese late May 2012 - November 2013
:Main article: Terra Incognita/Summary

Reese reminisces a past memory of a stakeout with Carter.