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Gianni Moretti, Jr.


Played byPaul Schulze
Anthony Giordano (1991)




OccupationMafia don

FamilyGianni Moretti (father)
Carl Elias (half-brother)

AffiliationItalian mafia

AppearanceFlesh and Blood

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Gianni Moretti, Jr. was the son of Gianni Moretti, half-brother of Carl Elias and the don of the Moretti crime family.

After Gianni Moretti was kidnapped by Elias, Moretti, Jr. took over the running of the Moretti crime family. He was one of the five heads of the Italian mafia dons in NYC targeted to be killed by Elias.

Carter took him and the other dons into custody to protect them from Elias' attack. After Elias was arrested Moretti, Jr. reunited with his father. But the reunion did not last long as both Moretti, Jr. and his father were killed in car bomb explosion carried out by Anthony Marconi on Elias' orders. (“Flesh and Blood”)


  • According to Elias, Moretti Jr. attempted to make his family legitimate. However, comments by Vittorio Zambrano show that Moretti Jr. was just as corrupt as the rest of his family. (“Flesh and Blood”)
  • Both the other Mafia Dons and his father's men in 1991 show little to no regard for Moretti Jr. In 1991, Don Moretti's men called him Don Moretti's "idiot son." (“Flesh and Blood”)