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IFT Plaza

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NameIFT Plaza

First AppearanceGhosts


PurposeIFT Headquarters


LocationManhattan, NYC

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IFT Plaza is the building where IFT is located and where Ingram and Finch developed the Machine. Finch later worked there as an ordinary employee for 17 years until he quit the job in 2011. (“Ghosts”)

The building

The building has at least 36 floors. Most appear to be offices for different departments. Finch had a small desk in a cubicle; Ingram's office was located on a high floor.

Vacant office space in the 35th (“No Good Deed”) and 36th floor (“Ghosts”) was used to store servers and equipment during the Machine's development.

Nathan Ingram's bust can be found in the lobby.



101 Park Avenue

In the series

The entire building is dedicated to IFT and the Machine refers to it as IFT Plaza or IFT Courtyard. (“Ghosts”)

Real life location

The building provides office space for several companies and has served as filming location for movies and TV shows[1].Its real location is 101 Park Avenue.[2]


The "101" logo and a "101 Park Avenue" floor plan are visible as Finch exits the building in “Ghosts”.


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