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A Person of Interest is an individual who will be involved in a violent crime. The Machine, without indicating whether the individual is the victim or the perpetrator, supplies his or her Social Security number to Reese and Finch, who study their background and attempt to prevent the violent crime.

The following list includes all Persons of Interest who appeared in Season 1.

Image Name Episode Victim/Perpetrator Status
POI 0101 2Diane1.png Diane Hansen Pilot Perpetrator Alive
An Assistant District Attorney. Reese was recruited by Finch soon after her number came up. While at first believed to be the victim, Hansen was revealed to be the ringleader of a group of corrupt police officers and the one responsible for the death of Lawrence Pope. Her attempt at killing her co-counselor James Wheeler failed, and her agenda was revealed in court through Reese's intervention. (“Pilot”)
POI 0102 2Theresa1.png Theresa Whitaker Ghosts Victim Alive
Theresa was presumed dead after the murder of her family, due to a land deal gone bad. The only heir to the money from the deal, IRS was sent to kill her. IRS was murdered by Reese, and Theresa was reunited with her aunt, Elizabeth. (“Ghosts”)
POI 0102 Bill.png Bill Ghosts Victim Alive
On his way to meet his lover, Bill took the elevator along with John Reese and two other men. Reese revealed he knew about Bill's affair, and outed the two men as hit men hired by his wife. Reese kneecapped the two men, and recommended Bill to hire a good lawyer and a divorce attorney. (“Ghosts”)
POI 0103 2Joey.png Joey Durban Mission Creep Victim Alive
A former Marine soldier who robs banks to help support the family of another marine who was killed in Afghanistan after they swapped seats in a humvee. The leader of the team of robbers was planning on eliminating him and the rest of them to reorganize the team.
POI 0104 Meg7.png Megan Tillman Cura Te Ipsum Perpetrator Alive
A resident whose sister committed suicide after being raped by Andrew Benton during a fraternity party. She stalked Benton and planned to murder him before Reese's intervention.
POI 0105 POI7.png Samuel Gates Judgment Victim Alive
A criminal judge. His son, Sam, was kidnapped by Jarek Koska's team in order to ensure that their associate's trial will find her not guilty. Despite the end of the trial, Reese rescued Sam and captured Koska and his team. Finch afterwards supplied the persecution with evidence against Koska's associate. (“Judgment”)
POI 0215 Zoe.png Zoe Morgan The Fix Victim Alive
A "fixer" who was hired to retrieve an incriminating recording, then was targeted by her client, the head of Virtanen Pharmaceuticals, in an effort to keep her quiet.
POI 0107 Burton.png Charlie Burton Witness Victim Alive
A school teacher who was targeted by Russian mobsters seemingly for witnessing a murder. However, he was actually being targeted because he is Carl Elias, and the murder he had witnessed was meant to be him. He managed to escape both Reese and the Russian mob.
POI 0108 POI7.png Wallace Nagel Foe Perpetrator Deceased
A former Stasi agent who was betrayed by members of his unit. He traveled to New York after escaping a minimum security prison to seek revenge for the "death" of his wife Anja. He committed suicide by Reese, who shot him because he appeared to be about to shoot the not-actually-dead Anja.
POI 0109 CarterFB.png Joss Carter Get Carter Victim Alive
A police detective who is hunting down Reese. She ends up being targeted after her close encounter with Carl Elias and her subsequent investigation into him.
POI 0110 Wendy.png Wendy McNally Number Crunch Victim Alive
A hair stylist who witnessed the car accident of a congressman's son. She and three others are targeted after stealing a million dollars from the accident site.
POI 0110 Paula.png Paula Vasquez Number Crunch Victim Alive
Unemployed foster sister of Wendy McNally who also stole the million dollars.
POI 0110 Matt.png Matt Duggan Number Crunch Victim Deceased
A waiter who also stole the million dollars. He was killed by a bomb hidden in a baby stroller left unattended by his car.
POI 0110 Claire.png Claire Ryan Number Crunch Victim Deceased
A professor at NYU who also stole the million dollars. She was killed in her home.
POI 0111 Ernie.png Ernie Trask Super Perpetrator Alive
A super who worked at an apartment complex. He had been planning on killing Rick Morris, a terrorizing stalker of Lily Thornton, both of whom lived in the same complex.
POI 0111 S4.png Derek Watson Super Perpetrator Alive
An unemployed man who lost his home and went after the bank employee who filed the paperwork. Finch told Carter that he was about to be involved in a violent crime in order to introduce her to their line of work.
Andrea Gutierrez.jpg Andrea Gutierrez Legacy Victim Alive
A lawyer who worked grievance cases against the state for inmates. She was targeted when she worked a case involving a man set up to go back to prison for a foster child scam.
Scott Powell.jpg Scott Powell Root Cause Victim Alive
A laid-off family man who was framed for the assassination of Congressman Michael Delancey by the congressman's partner and the mysterious hacker Root.
1x13 - Teddy Billick.jpg Teddy Billick Root Cause Perpetrator Alive
His number came up when he prepared to kill his ex-wife but Reese successfully prevented it.
1x14 - Darren McGrady.jpg Darren McGrady Wolf and Cub Perpetrator Alive
A boy whose older brother was recently murdered. He planned on shooting the men who did it, but Reese prevented this.
1x15 - Michael Cahill.jpg Michael Cahill Blue Code Victim Alive
A man heavily involved in a major smuggling operation was actually an undercover cop whose identity was about to be revealed.
1x16 - Adam Saunders.jpg Adam Saunders Risk Victim Alive
A proprietary trader with the Wall Street investment firm Baylor Zimm. He noticed something not quite right with the company's investments in Tritek and was targeted for assassination to keep him from revealing what he knew.
PoI Leila.jpg Leila Smith Baby Blue Victim Alive
A six-month old baby. Her father's wife killed her mother and hired some people to kidnap her.
Moretti.jpg Gianni Moretti Baby Blue Victim Deceased
One of the five Mafia family Dons. His number came up upon his release from prison, with his illegitimate son Carl Elias planning on kidnapping and killing him. He was eventually killed in a car bomb along with Gianni Moretti, Jr.
1x18 - Jordan Hester.jpg Jordan Hester Identity Crisis Victim Alive
A man whose identity has been stolen by a female drug dealer named Tara Verlander (who also goes by Mary).
Zambrano.jpg Vittorio Zambrano Flesh and Blood Perpetrator Deceased
One of the five heads of the Mafia Dons in NYC targeted by Elias. He was killed either by Fusco or Carter upon learning that Zambrano was secretly working with Elias.
1x19 - Caparelli.jpg Caparelli Flesh and Blood Victim Deceased
One of the five heads of the Mafia Dons in NYC targeted by Elias. He was killed by a bomb Elias had planted in his car.
1x19 - Grifoni.jpg Luciano Grifoni Flesh and Blood Victim Alive
One of the five heads of the Mafia Dons in NYC targeted by Elias. Carter and Fusco successfully saved him from Elias.
1x19 - Basile.jpg Basile Flesh and Blood Victim Deceased
One of the five heads of the Mafia Dons in NYC targeted by Elias. He was shot by one of Elias's men as Carter was getting him to protective custody.
Morettijunior.jpg Gianni Moretti, Jr. Flesh and Blood Victim Deceased
One of the five heads of the Mafia Dons in NYC (replacing his father when he went to prison) targeted by Elias. He was killed by a bomb Elias had planted in his car along with Gianni Moretti.
Tommyclay.jpg Tommy Clay Matsya Nyaya Victim/Perpetrator Deceased
A "hopper" for an armored truck company, Tommy was an inside man for a robbery to obtain platinum. After betraying his fellow robbers, Tommy was killed by his girlfriend/partner in crime who wanted the loot for herself.
1x20 - cheating boyfriend.jpg Unnamed cheating boyfriend Matsya Nyaya Victim Alive
His number came up when his girlfriend found out that he was unfaithful and tried to shoot him in a bar while he was with his mistress. Reese, knowing what was about to happen, arranged a meeting with Carter at the same bar to show her how he and Finch work by letting her arrest the raging girlfriend.
Sarahjennings.jpg Karen Garner Many Happy Returns Victim Alive
An alleged criminal on the run from her abusive husband, U.S. Marshall Brad Jennings, who was using his authority to find her by making her look like a fugitive.
PoI Henry Peck.jpg Henry Peck No Good Deed Victim Alive
An NSA analyst whose life was in danger because he came too close to knowing about the Machine.
1x23 - POI Caroline.png Caroline Turing Firewall Victim/Perpetrator Alive
A psychologist who was hunted down by HR. She turned out to be Root, the hacker with a special interest in Finch, and put the hit on herself to expose him.