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A Person of Interest is an individual who will be involved in a violent, probably fatal crime. The Machine, without indicating whether the individual is the victim or the perpetrator, supplies his or her Social Security number to Reese and Finch, who study their background and attempt to prevent said violent crime.

The following list includes all Persons of Interest who appeared in Season 3.

Image Name Episode Victim/Perpetrator Status
POI 0301 JS3.png Jack Salazar Liberty Victim Alive
A sailor who unwittingly became involved in his friends' illegal smuggling of uncut diamonds aboard their ship. Saved by the efforts of Reese and Shaw.
3x01 - Rafael.jpg Rafael Liberty Victim Alive
A son of a diplomat who was targeted for assassination because of his father's refusal to work with the cartel.
3x01 - Heartthrob.jpg Don Liberty Victim Alive
A man who preyed on lonely women only to gain access to their bank accounts. The father of one of his recent targets was connected to the mob and placed a bounty on his head. He was Sameen Shaw's first irrelevant number.
POI 0302 Wayne.png Wayne Kruger Nothing to Hide Victim/Perpetrator Deceased
An internet entrepreneur who founded a company that treated people's privacy as a commodity. He was targeted by the privacy advocacy group Vigilance and eventually killed by Peter Collier.
3x03-IanMurphy-POI.png Ian Murphy Lady Killer Victim Alive
A successful investor and playboy who was targeted by the father of his deceased lover to prevent him from finding out that she had a son. With the help of Zoe Morgan and Carter, Reese and Finch were able to unite him with his son.
3x04 - VanessaWatkins-POI.jpg Vanessa Watkins Reasonable Doubt Perpetrator Unknown
A prominent New York lawyer who helped her husband fake his death and then found out that he framed her for his alleged murder and planned to run off with her best friend, who was secretly in an affair with him. After realizing neither Vanessa nor her husband was worth saving, Reese left them to kill each other.
3x04 - Dr.Jansen-POI.jpg Dr. Rachel Jensen Reasonable Doubt Victim Alive
A veterinarian who was about to be robbed by four armed youths who wanted to steal Ketamine. Bear, posing as a patient, helped Finch and Reese intervene and save the doctor.
POI 0305 Gen.png Genrika Zhirova Razgovor Victim Alive
A 10-year-old girl with a great interest in spycraft who was targeted because she spied on the wrong group of criminals. Saved by Shaw and helped bring down a major HR operation.
POI 0305 Eric.png Eric Mathers Razgovor Victim Alive
A member of an organ procurement team who was held at gunpoint and forced to release the liver he and his team were transporting to a patient. Sameen Shaw, while posing as his team member, saved him and then returned the organ.
POI 0306 Sloan.png Timothy Sloan Mors Praematura Victim Alive
An estate investigator who was targeted by the anti-government group Vigilance who believed he could lead them to the whereabouts of his foster brother who had been involved with the group before faking his own death. Saved by Reese.
POI 0307 Hayden.png Hayden Price The Perfect Mark Victim Alive
A con artist who posed as a hypnotherapist who was targeted by HR. One of his scams cost HR $4.4 million and after being saved and then conned himself, was sent to find a new life elsewhere.
POI 0308 S4.png HR Members and Russians Endgame Victims/Perpetrators Alive/Deceased
The numbers of 23 Russians and 38 members of HR came up when Carter orchestrated a war between the two entities. Many of the Russians were rounded up by members of HR to be executed, but the FBI intervened just in time taking everyone into custody.
POI 0309 Reese3.png John Reese The Crossing Victim Alive
Reese's number came up after he kidnapped HR's leader, Alonzo Quinn, with Carter's help. HR spread his photo around to various criminal enterprises, many of which attempted to take his life. While an HR cop nearly killed Reese, he was saved by Finch who arranged for Reese to be arrested by two honest cops.
POI 0310 NYJ3.jpg Patrick Simmons The Devil's Share Victim Deceased
After Simmons shot Reese and killed Carter, the Machine issued Simmons' number to Finch, who was uncertain which person was targeting Simmons for death. Simmons was eventually captured by Fusco and then murdered by Scarface on the orders of Elias.
POI 0311 Arthur3.png Arthur Claypool Lethe
Victim Alive
An ex-NSA member who was targeted by Control because she wanted to learn more about a project that he worked on during his time there.
POI 0314 Kelli.png Kelli Lin Provenance Victim Alive
A former Olympic gymnast who resorted to theft after her Olympic career had ended and she needed money to support her child, Lin was targeted by her employer after she wanted out.
Sandra Nicholson.png Sandra Nicholson Last Call Victim Alive
A 9-1-1 operator who was targeted by a mystery man hired by an employee of a local business as part of an elaborate scheme to cover up a crime committed one day prior.
POI 0316 Casey7.png Daniel Casey RAM Victim Alive
A technology expert whose work on The Machine made him the target of various organizations, both government and non-government.
POI 0317 Cyrus7.png Cyrus Wells Root Path (/) Victim Alive
A janitor, formerly a millionaire banker and businessman, who was targeted by a number of different organizations.
POI 0318 Maria7.png Maria Martinez Allegiance Victim Alive
An engineering contractor working for HydralCorp.
POI 0319 Reed.png Matthew Reed Most Likely To... Perpetrator Alive
A criminal prosecutor who wanted to murder a former classmate at a school reunion.
POI 0319 Leona.png Leona Wainwright Most Likely To... Victim Deceased
A clerical assistant to the Office of Personnel Management who had critical information about who is associated with the Northern Lights program. She was assassinated by Vigilance.
POI 0320 S1.png Ray and Julio Death Benefit Victims/Perpetrators Alive
Two drug dealers who wanted to kill each other.
POI 0321 Grace8.png Grace Hendricks Beta Victim Alive
Finch's former fiancee who was targeted by Samaritan in an attempt to lure Finch out of hiding.
POI 0321 Ricky.png Ricky Beta Perpetrator Alive
A convenience store clerk who helped orchestrate a robbery.
POI 0322 Control.png Control A House Divided
Deus Ex Machina
Victim Alive
Targeted by Vigilance.
POI 0322 Riv.png Manuel Rivera A House Divided
Deus Ex Machina
Victim Deceased
Targeted by Vigilance.
3x22 - General POI.png Kyle Holcombe A House Divided Victim Deceased
Targeted by Vigilance.
POI 0323 Ross.png Ross Garrison A House Divided
Deus Ex Machina
Victim Alive
Targeted by Vigilance.
3x22 - Greer POI.png John Greer A House Divided
Deus Ex Machina
Victim Alive
Targeted by Vigilance.