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A Person of Interest is an individual who will be involved in a violent crime. The Machine, without indicating whether the individual is the victim or the perpetrator, supplies his or her Social Security number to Reese and Finch, who study their background and attempt to prevent the violent crime.

The following list includes all Persons of Interest who appeared in Season 4.

Image Name Episode Victim/Perpetrator Status
4x01 - Ali.png Ali Hasan Panopticon Victim/Perpetrator Alive
Owner of an electronics shop in The Bronx, Ali is threatened by a group of drug dealers and tries to kill their leader. Reese is able to prevent the murder and later helps Ali when his son is kidnapped by the gang.
POI 0402 Claire.png Claire Mahoney Nautilus Victim Alive
Claire is a former college student who becomes involved in a dangerous competition designed by Samaritan in order to gain new assets. She is targeted by the PMC company Silverpool after accessing their documents as part of the puzzle.
POI 0403 Andre.png Andre Cooper Wingman Victim Alive
Andre is a professional "wingman" targeted by a former associate. Posing as a client, Fusco watches him until they both get kidnapped. Reese and Shaw manage to rescue them.
POI 0404 POI3.png Malcolm and Tracie Booker Brotherhood Victims Alive
Brother and sister who become the target of a gang after stealing drug money.
POI 0405 Simon7.png Simon Lee Prophets Victim Alive
A gifted political pollster whose number comes up at the same time that his typically ironclad predictions go wrong.
POI 0406 Walter7.png Walter Dang Pretenders Victim Alive
An unassuming office worker who stumbles into a dangerous conspiracy while moonlighting as fake detective.
POI 0406 Wendell Majoki.png Wendell Majoki Pretenders Victim Alive
POI 0407 Tomas7.png Tomas Koroa Honor Among Thieves Victim Alive
A jewelry thief who's been successufully eluding the police while pulling off cinema quality heists of the highest caliber. He finds himself eventually double-crossed by those he trusts most and marked for death.
POI 0408 Dani7.png Dani Silva Point of Origin Victim Alive
An NYPD Internal Affairs detective who's working undercover to flush out a mole in the NYPD working for the Brotherhood.
POI 0409 Elias 2.png Carl Elias The Devil You Know Victim Alive
Elias becomes a target of the Brotherhood because Dominic wants to take over his territory.
4x10 - Rachel.png Rachel Farrow The Cold War Perpetrator Alive
She is in an abusive marriage and plans to kill her husband. This generates her number and Finch sends Reese to look into her. However Samaritan takes control of the city for 24 hours and sends Lambert to stop her from committing the crime.
4x10 - Isaac POI.png Isaac The Cold War Perpetrator Alive
An employee in an IT company who tries to blow up the building. He is stopped before he could trigger the bomb because he had researched how to build a bomb manuals online, which triggered Samaritan. A bomb squad team arrives and arrests him just before Reese could intervene.
4x10 - Reese's POI.png Unnamed POI The Cold War Perpetrator Alive
A number Reese is tracking, whose tracking signal suddenly disappears before showing up again on the other side of town. Finch suspects that Samaritan may have tampered with the signal.
4x10 - Finch's POI.png Unnamed POI The Cold War Victim Alive
A neurobiologist who appears to have caught the ire of a competitor. Finch manages to save him despite of an explosion in the building where the POI worked.
POI 410 MPOV Widespread Anomalous Event.png Unnamed POIs The Cold War Victims/Perpetrators Unknown
Several SSNs are produced by the Machine after Samaritan hacked into databases and released private information that would eventually turn people against each other.
4x11 - Harvey.png Harvey If-Then-Else Victim Alive
A broker who embezzled money from his clients. When the Machine produced his number, Finch deploys Shaw to take care of Harvey in order to keep her busy and out of reach for Samaritan. Shaw rescues Harvey before he could jump out of a window.
4x13 - Weiss.png Albert Weiss M.I.A. Perpetrator Deceased
A sales associate at a hardware store who leads a double life as a freelance hitman and cleaner.
POI 0414 Emma Blake.png Emma Blake Guilty Victim Alive
A former high school English teacher who was summoned for jury duty. A fixer started blackmailing her with the threat of killing innocent people if she didn't help swing the verdict in favor of the fixer's client.
POI 0415 Anna Mueller.png Anna Mueller Q&A Victim Alive
A transcriber for's product VAL. When she suspects that VAL is nudging potential suicide victims into commuting suicide rather than helping them, she informs her superiors of the problem only to be targeted by Calvin Mazer, F&R Chief Technical Officer.
POI 0416 Harper Rose.png Harper Rose Blunt Victim/Perpetrator Alive
A drifter and a con artist, the Machine sends her number to Reese and Finch after she plans to double cross both the Cartel and the Brotherhood.
POI 0416 Trey Wender.png Trey Wender Blunt Victim Alive
Harper's boyfriend and a student at the same university. He is kidnapped by The Brotherhood after Harper steals their drug money under the cover of Trey's day job at a medical marijuana dispensary. He is rescued by Reese.
POI 0417 Shane Edwards.png Shane Edwards Karma Perpetrator Alive
A psychologist, who brings his patients peace by framing the enemies in their life for crimes they did not commit. He is stopped by Finch before he can frame his wife's supposed killer with his own death.
POI 0418 Frankie Wells.png Francesca (Frankie) Wells Skip Perpetrator Alive
A bounty hunter who attempts to kill Ray Pratt, her brother's murderer but is convinced otherwise by Reese.
POI 0418 Elizabeth Bridges.png Elizabeth Bridges Skip Victim Alive
A businesswoman residing in Tokyo, Japan who is nearly killed by Root for the danger she posed to Finch since Samaritan was interested in her company.
POI 0419 Sulaiman Khan.png Sulaiman Khan Search and Destroy Victim Deceased
CEO of Castellum, Inc, a company who created a powerful antivirus system, stolen and used by Samaritan after it hacked into his company to get him fired.
POI 0420 Chase Patterson.png Chase Patterson Terra Incognita Victim Unknown
Youngest son of the Patterson family who was the lead suspect in the murder of his family. His half-brother and the real killer, Gil tried to kill him through a drug overdose but is saved first by Reese, then Fusco.
POI 0421 Dominic.png Dominic Besson Asylum”, “YHWH Victim/Perpetrator Deceased
The leader of the Brotherhood who is killed by sniper under Samaritan's orders during The Correction after surrounding to Fusco during their stand-off.
POI 0421 Elias.png Carl Elias Asylum”, “YHWH Victim/Perpetrator Deceased
The leader of the organized crime syndicate intent on reuniting the Italian mob families and removing the Russian mob influence from New York. He was injured by a sniper under Samaritan's orders during The Correction.