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A Person of Interest is an individual who will be involved in a violent crime. The Machine, without indicating whether the individual is the victim or the perpetrator, supplies his or her Social Security number to Reese and Finch, who study their background and attempt to prevent the violent crime.

The following list includes all Persons of Interest who appeared in Season 5.

Image Name Episode Victim/Perpetrator Status
POI 0502 Jeff Blackwell.png Jeffrey Blackwell SNAFU Victim/Perpetrator Deceased
One of the 30 numbers produced by the glitch The Machine underwent after being restarted following the events of “Terra Incognita”. An ex-con recruited by Samaritan as a potential asset.
POI 0502 Laurie Granger.png Laurie Granger SNAFU Perpetrator Alive
One of the 30 numbers produced by the glitch The Machine underwent after being restarted following the events of “Terra Incognita”. She turned out to be a hitwoman hired by the Machine during the glitch to eliminate Reese after identifying him as a threat.
POI 0502 Gerald Mancini.png Gerald Mancini SNAFU Victim Alive
One of the 30 numbers produced by the glitch The Machine underwent after being restarted following the events of “Terra Incognita”. His number came up after amassing a huge debt to a gambling ring. He and his family is targeted by Andrius and his men, but is saved by the intervention of Fusco.
POI 0503 Alex Duncan.png Alex Duncan Truth Be Told Victim Alive
A computer security expert who broke into CIA servers to investigate his brother's death who was one of Reese's victims during his CIA days.
POI 0505 Ethan Garvin.png Ethan Garvin ShotSeeker Victim Alive
A sound analyst for "ShotSeeker", a NYPD acoustic surveillance system. His investigation into the disappearance of Krupa Naik lands him in the cross-hairs of Samaritan.
POI 0505 Mary Mulhall.png Mary Mulhall ShotSeeker Victim Deceased
A neighbor and classmate of Krupa Naik, who was killed and made to disappear by Samaritan. She was targeted because Krupa had given her a copy of her research (for a freeze-drying process that could apparently help solve food shortage issues) that Samaritan wanted to get ahold of. Though Reese and Ethan made it to her before her interrogator and shooter could hide the body, she succumbed to her injuries. Her apartment was searched and the drive containing Krupa's research was found in her vent by Root.
POI 0506 Phoebe Turner.png Phoebe Turner A More Perfect Union Victim Alive
Daughter of Kent Turner and engaged to Will O'Brien, she is one of the heiress to her father's billion dollar horse racing empire. Her sister, Karen has been doping her father's horses and tried to kill off a photographer who photographed the doping.
POI 0506 Howard Carpenter.png Howard Carpenter A More Perfect Union Victim Deceased
A civil planner for the city, he was in-charge of the construction of underground tunnels for the five boroughs. Hisnumber came up when he requested Bruce Moran to look into the demolition of a tunnel which unknown to them was being used by Samaritan to dispose the bodies of its victims. He was killed by Samaritan agents and buried in the same tunnel.
POI 0507 Max Greene.png Max Greene QSO Victim Deceased
A conspiracy theorist and host "Mysterious Transmissions", a late-night radio talk show centering on paranormal phenomena. He was targeted by Samaritan after Max recognized a secret code hidden in radio signals which was being used by Samaritan to contact its operatives. Later killed by Samaritan after being saved by Root and Reese.
POI 0507 Vasily Mikhaev.png Vasily Mikhaev QSO Victim Alive
A consultant at the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, his number came up when his enemies tried to assassinate him at the ballet but Root, undercover as a ballerina, saved his life.
POI 0508 James Ko.png James Ko Reassortment Victim Deceased
Used as part of a Samaritan plot to create a new superflu strain made of a combined human and bird flu. Died of the virus which the Machine found a cure to but Samaritan succeeded in its ultimate goal.
POI 0509 Terry Easton Called by Finch.png Terry Easton Sotto Voce Perpetrator Deceased
While believed to be the victim, Easton was in fact the enigmatic criminal mastermind known as "The Voice" and plotted to murder hitman Amir Siddiq to stop him from revealing to the cops his true identity. While Easton succeeded in his plot, he was killed minutes later by Carl Elias.
POI 0510 Harold.png Harold Finch The Day the World Went Away”, “Synecdoche Perpetrator Alive
Leader of Team Machine who's number was given due to his radical actions against Samaritan. Later regiven through Logan Pierce after the President of the United States was saved.
RileyBadge.PNG NYPD Detective John Riley Synecdoche Victim Deceased
Alias of John Reese while hiding from Samaritan. While Reese, Shaw and Fusco saved the relevant number of the President of the United States, the Machine gave the irrelevant number of Reese's Riley alias to a second team made up of Logan Pierce, Harper Rose and Joey Durban. After determining that Riley was in fact Reese, Pierce's team provided backup for Reese's team from behind the scenes and extracted them after the Presidential assassination was thwarted.
POI 0512 John Greer.png Philip Hayes .exe Perpetrator Deceased
Philip Hayes was the alias of head Samaritan operative John Greer. While it was suspected he was a victim who Finch was going to kill, Finch instead intended to launch the ICE-9 virus against Samaritan and Greer tried to murder Finch to stop him. Greer's attempt on Finch cost Greer's life, but the Machine was able to save Finch's life with the aid of Reese and Shaw.