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The unidentified man was originally believed to be the victim of a violent assault on the subway.
But now police consider the man a person of interest in a number of crimes nationwide.

— “Pilot

The following is a list of episodes in which the episode title is used in dialogue by a character.

Episode Quote First said by
Ghosts Finch: She was murdered, along with the rest of her family. Two years ago.

Reese: So we're looking for a ghost?

The Fix Finch: Do you know what she does, yet?
Reese: She does favors, for a price. She's a fixer.
Witness But you haven't seen the best part. Rewind it again. We got ourselves a witness. Carter
Super Yeah, but if anything goes wrong, you call me. I'm the super. Ernie Trask
Risk Saunders has already had a brush with the SEC, an accusation of insider trading, unproven, so his risk taking may have led him into dangerous waters. Finch
Matsya Nyaya The law of the fishes. I should've seen it coming. Reese
The Contingency I can't believe it. I'm the contingency, the backup. Reese
Bad Code We're here to observe another kind of code. The bad code. Root
The High Road We're gonna break into an Everhold safe. It's a high-road job. We need your midas touch. Chris Vaughn
Critical Mr. Veldt, regardless of how big your company is, this surgery is critical for you. It takes time. Madeleine Enright
Til Death Carter: Those vows change everything.
Reese: Which one?
Carter: Till death do us part.
One Percent Reese: I didn't make a good first impression.
Finch: Only because I didn't realize that we were dealing with a one percenter who finds other one percenters tedious.
Zero Day Ingram: Harold becomes himself again. Which would make this day one.
Finch: I haven't actually asked her yet, so technically, it would still be day zero.
Liberty I got an hour left of liberty before I gotta get back on the ship. Jack Salazar
Nothing to Hide Anyone can look me up and see, I've got nothing to hide. Wayne Kruger
Reasonable Doubt Carter: I don't think she killed her husband.
Finch: I'm inclined to agree. Reasonable doubt in this case abounds.
The Devil's Share Fusco: Just before I put two in his chest.
Therapist: You killed a man.
Fusco: No. He got the devil's share.
4C Guy's sitting in 4C, the same seat the machine sent me. Reese
Beta Mr. Greer, I'd assumed the beta test of your system would be a little more... professional. Ross Garrison
Nautilus The whole building's a nautilus. Claire Mahoney
Wingman A professional wingman. He's the guy people hire when they can't pick up women on their own. Shaw
Brotherhood It's the Brotherhood. Reese
The Devil You Know He's proved to be a valuable ally during these uncertain times. And a principal force keeping Dominic and The Brotherhood in check. He's the devil we know. Finch
The Cold War Our cold war worked well at first. Samaritan (through Gabriel Hayward)
Guilty It looks like Chad Bryson hired some sort of a fixer to make sure he's found not guilty. Finch
Karma And people like that, they don't walk free forever. Karma has a way of finding them. Shane Edwards
Skip Ray Pratt, skipped bail three months ago. Reese
Asylum Shaw's call originated from a landline somewhere inside that asylum. Root
ShotSeeker Ethan Garvin. A sound analyst for ShotSeeker, an acoustic surveillance system that uses microphones mounted across the city to pinpoint the location of a gunshot, and can do it to within 50 feet. Finch
Reassortment I had the machine analyze Ko's blood sample. She ran through 5 trillion possible combinations of human flu and avian flu strains, and only one resulted in the proper reassortment of chromosomes that would've produced the lethal virus that killed James Ko. Root


On two occasions, the name of the next episode was mentioned by a character:

"So if you're like me - and we both know you are - you designed the machine so that a catastrophic crash puts it into a remote debugging protocol, a God mode that gives the admin full access to all of its data."
"You're just in time for the ribbon cutting. Feeds are coming online now. Commencing beta test."