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This is a list of frequently used templates that are being used on this wiki.

Template code Means what Wiki link Notes
{{UC}} Article is currently under construction Template:UC Adds "Needs Image" category
{{Images}} Relevant images are missing Template:Images
{{Sources}} Info from recent episodes is missing Template:Sources
{{Update}} Sources/references are missing Template:Update Adds "Needs Update" category. Details for update can be added by typing {{Update|<Details>}}
{{Cleanup}} Article needs cleanup to improve quality Template:Cleanup Adds "Cleanup required" category
Do not remove until admin confirmation
{{Spoilers}} Article contains spoilers for unaired episodes Template:Spoilers Do not remove until episode has aired in EST
{{Image}} adds tags to images Template:Image See Playsonic2's blog entry for details
{{Person}} POI summary on the <episode>/POI tab Template:Person Only use on the episode POI tab
{{FB}} Adds blue background to flashback scenes in episode summaries Template:FB Only use in episode summaries
{{Locked}} Template:Locked To be placed on protected pages (by admin)
{{Cquote}} Puts yellow quotation marks around a quote Template:Cquote To be used on episode summaries or character pages.
Type {{cquote| QUOTETEXT|20px|20px|WHOSAIDIT}}
{{Captured}} Announces that hi-res images are available to be embedded in the summary Template:Captured For Wilem7 to place on episode summary pages (or other pages) after capturing hi-res images. Type {{Captured|seasonXepisode}}
{{Fact}} Produces a small superscript "citation needed" where placed. Adds category "Articles with unsourced statements" Template:Fact To be used in articles with missing references/sources
{{RL}} Points out that the article's topic exists in both the POI universe and the real world. Template:RL To be added to articles discussing a topic that is relevant to the real world as well.
{{IS}} Replaces the usual thumb template. Allows only the image, no captions. Template:IS To be used in article summaries
Upload multiple images at once Special:MultipleUpload