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Seen in: Death Benefit
Event: Root and Shaw beat up a militia group whose number the Machine sent to Root in Anchorage.


Seen in: Lethe”, “Aletheia
Event: Reese goes to Colorado to take a break from the Machine after Carter's death.


Seen in: Super”, “Reasonable Doubt
Event: Finch sent Fusco there to plant a decoy for Snow, who was looking for Reese.
In “Reasonable Doubt”, Fusco and Shaw travel to Greenwich, CT to check on a charity called "Innocence Now" which was run by a person of interest.



Seen in: The Contingency
Event: Root takes Finch there on her escape to "the future". They stop by a diner where Root makes it clear that she would hurt other people if Finch tried to yell for help. They also stop by a pharmacy where Root steals some drugs which she would later use to poison Denton Weeks's girlfriend at a harbor restaurant.


Seen in: Death Benefit
Event: Root and Shaw relax after taking care of a relevant number in Alaska.


Seen in: Proteus
Event: Alan Fahey killed one of his victims in Chicago, IL.


Seen in: Root Path (/)
Event: The Machine sends Root to Champaign to acquire information about a supercomputing chip.
Filming Location: The opening scene was filmed in Yonkers, NY. Root is walking down Main. Street in Yonkers past Little Havana Cuban Restaurant and where Billy dresses is at 45 Main St.



  • After sparing the life of Daniel Casey, Reese instructs him to take a bus to Caribou where a man would be waiting to drive him to Canada. (“RAM”)



  • Root takes care of a relevant number in St. Louis. (“Death Benefit”)


New Jersey

New York

New Rochelle

Seen in: Many Happy Returns
Event: :Main article: New Rochelle

South Carolina



Seen in: Bad Code
Event: Reese and Carter fly to Bishop after the Machine sent Reese the number of Hanna Frey.
Filming Location: Congers, NY. The production used the local library and filmed the bar fight at the Last Chance Saloon. According to observers, some scenes were shot at Rockland Lake State Park.




Seen in: God Mode
Event: :Main article: Hanford Nuclear Reservation
Filming Location: The Machine's facility was filmed in a water plant, likely Newtown Creek at 329 Greenpoint Ave.

Washington D.C.

Seen in: No Good Deed”, “The Contingency”, “Bad Code”, “Prisoner's Dilemma”, “Booked Solid”, “Relevance”, “Zero Day”, “Zero Day”, “RAM”, “Most Likely To...”“Death Benefit
Event: Special Counsel and Control work in Washington, D.C. For a brief time, Root worked there too, masquerading as Special Counsel's secretary. Finch and Fusco investigated Leona Wainwright's murder & had run-ins with Vigilance there as well. Reese & Shaw joined Finch there later when The Machine spit out the number of Congressman Roger McCourt.

West Virginia

Fictional Places

Floral Park, NY

Seen in: The High Road
Event: Reese and Zoe pose as a happily married couple to keep an eye on Graham Wyler, a family man who finds himself in trouble when his past catches up with him.
Filming Location: Floral Park stands in for the fictional town of "Far Rockaway" (which is also the name of an actual neighborhood in Queens). Scenes were filmed on Hudson Road, Tulip Avenue, and Recreation Center of Floral Park. Connie and Graham Wyler's house is at 2828 Peach Blossom St. The address is fictional but blends into the naming pattern of many streets in Floral Park.

Maple, NY

Seen in: M.I.A.
Event: Root and Reese search for a white truck which was supposedly used to transport Shaw from the Stock Exchange (“If-Then-Else”).
Filming Location: Scenes in Maple, NY were filmed in the towns of Tappan and Piermont, both located across the Hudson River.

Lassiter, IA

Seen in: Lethe”, “Aletheia
Event: :Main article: Lassiter

Relton, MD

Seen in: Bad Code
Event: Root takes Finch there to meet Denton Weeks, whom she wants to question about the Machine.

Owen Island, NY

Seen in: Proteus
Event: Finch and Reese head to Owen Island after the Machine points them to a serial killer.
Filming Location: Owen Island is in the same region as Shelter Island, on the eastern edge of Long Island. However, scenes were shot at Point Lookout's Department of Conservation & Waterways at Lido Blvd by Parkside Dr.