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Mira Dobrica

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Played byMia Maestro

NameMira Brozi

AliasMira Dobrica

Intro IDID.215/2351.10


OccupationHotel Maid

ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

AppearanceBooked Solid

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Mira Brozi, also known as Mira Dobrica, is a maid working at a hotel in New York City.

Character Background

An ethnic Albanian living in Kosovo, Mira witnessed Serbian Colonel Rudko Petrovic ordering that her family be killed during the Kosovo War. In an attempt to protect her identity, she moved to the United States at sixteen as a refugee under the name Mira Dobrica. She began working at the Hotel Coronet shortly afterward.

When her number comes up, Reese and Finch go undercover as a bellhop and concierge respectively at the Hotel Coronet to protect her life. A freelance journalist named Charles Harris has tracked her down and is trying to persuade her to testify against Colonel Petrovic, who is currently campaigning for Prime Minister.

Hotel guest Tug Brantley tries to blackmail her into having sex with him but she walks out. Reese comes in and stops him, warning that he'll go to the police if he persists with the sexual harassment. Mira was aware that the Hotel Manager Derek Fowler was running an escort service in the hotel and Reese suspected she tipped off the police. She comes to believe that Reese may be working for Fowler as he seems to be suspiciously close by to intervene on her behalf on several occasions.

The Colonel's hit squad follows Harris to the hotel and kills him. The assassins tried to kill Mira in the hotel kitchen, however Reese is able to intervene and saves Mira's life. Mira helps Reese uncover the murder scene in the room which the assassins tried to hide. One of the assassins corners Mira alone in the elevator but Reese slides down the cable and takes him out. Fusco takes Mira to the precinct in order to protect her. One of the assassins infiltrates the precinct and when Mira is alone tries to strangle her with a garrote but Fusco notices and warns Carter, who shoots the assassin.

With Mira's testimony and a recording that Harris had given her earlier Colonel Petrovic is arrested and prosecuted for war crimes.

Because of his love for hotels and to make sure it's run properly Finch buys the Coronet Hotel and appoints Mira the new floor manager.(“Booked Solid”)