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This article discusses a group, project, or location which also exists outside the Person of Interest universe.
Its portrayal in the show may differ significantly from its real-world counterpart.
National Security Agency

NSA Person of Interest.png

NameNational Security Agency

AppearanceNo Good Deed
A House Divided

LeaderKyle Holcombe (Director)
Theodore Gibbons (Deputy-Director)

PurposeIntelligence Agency

ConnectionThe Machine


The National Security Agency (NSA) is an intelligence agency of the Department of Defense.

The NSA is responsible for the collection and analysis of foreign communications and signals intelligence (SIGINT). It protects U.S. government communications and information systems by way of information security, cryptanalysis and cryptography.

It provides the Machine with a significant volume of raw data such as e-mails, telephone communications, video feeds and audio feeds. (“Ghosts”)

This is sent in signals just above the Shannon-limit, as is revealed by Henry Peck, an NSA analyst working out of a listening station in NYC. Having noticed the names of the terrorists had been added to case files he wrote, Peck unwittingly discovered the Machine's operations and an ISA team was dispatched to kill him.(“No Good Deed”)

Samaritan took control of the NSA headquarters and used it as an operation center with 1,206 assets. (“.exe”)

Known Members