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NYPD 8th Precinct


NameNYPD 8th Precinct

First AppearancePilot

Latest AppearanceYHWH

ConnectionWorkplace of Carter, Fusco, Riley and Moreno


LocationNew York City, NY, U.S.

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The NYPD 8th Precinct is currently under the command of Captain Moreno. This is where Detectives Carter and Fusco work. In Season 4, Detective Riley was promoted to Homicide and partnered with Fusco.

Notable Events

Real World Location

In actuality, the 8th precinct was abolished in 1958, but it encompassed parts of the east and west villages.[1] The exterior is really the Tony Dapolito Recreation Center at 1 Clarkson St., in the west village.

Real-world Location: Tony Dapolito Recreation Center