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OneState Bank

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NameOneState Bank

First AppearanceJudgment

Latest AppearanceGuilty

PurposeFinancial institution

One heart, one mind, ONESTATE
Thank you for your continued business.

— OneState Bank slogan

OneState Bank is a financial institution which is part of the Person of Interest universe, located in New York City. It offers a variety of services, such as private and corporate bank accounts, credit card services, and investments. OneState Bank is one of three major banks that frequently appears in Person of Interest episodes. The other two banks are Bayridge Savings Bank and NY Mutual Bank.

The bank has become the regular conduit through which Finch investigates the financial status of a person of interest. He generally tapes a printout of the POI's bank statement, often from OneState Bank, on the glass board in the Library.

Events at OneState Bank

The bank has also appeared as a plot device in multiple episodes.

Known Customers



  • OneState Bank uses a blue and white color scheme for their corporate identity. A different logo was used in “Identity Crisis” where both the real Jordan Hester and the imposter had accounts at OneState Bank.
  • The bank's address is 4000 John St. 2nd Fl, New York, NY, 10007.
  • Their website address is www.onestatebank.web (“Identity Crisis”) (“The Perfect Mark”) or (“One Percent”)