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The Pedia of Interest IRC chat room is a real-time chat room in which users are able to talk in a friendly and open environment. Other than for the wiki's own chat room, no Wikia user account is necessary to join.


All rules and guidelines for using the Wikia chat listed in our official policies also apply to the IRC chat.

  • Users should remain polite and calm at all times. If you are unable to do so, you are encouraged to step away for a time, then come back later.
  • No lurking. Only join the chat if you're willing to participate. Admins reserve the right to kick inactive users if they fail to respond to pings.
  • Do not impersonate other users. If you have a Wikia username, please sign in with it. It is recommended to register your username with the IRC network in order to prevent other people from using it.
  • Members of the admin team will have operator status. Their usernames are denoted with an @ symbol.

How to join

Via Client

To join #pediaofinterest, you need to configure your IRC client. #pediaofinterest is located on the freenode IRC network, which you will need to connect to. The details are as follows:

For specific servers, see

Port: 6667 (default), 6697 (SSL)
This is usually not needed, as IRC clients tend to use 6667 by default.

Channel: #pediaofinterest

Most IRC clients have "freenode" in the default network list, you only need to select it. After you are connected to the server, type /join #pediaofinterest in the reply box and press Enter.

Your web browser may be preconfigured to open IRC links in some IRC client, so you can try clicking this link:

SSL port: 6697

Via Webchat

If you're not sure how to use an IRC client, you can easily use the embedded webchat on this page or go to to open the chat in an external window.