Peter Arndt

Peter Arndt

Played byJonno Roberts

NamePeter Arndt



OccupationReal estate developer

ResidenceNew Rochelle, NY, U.S.

FamilyJessica Arndt - Wife
Sharon - Mother-in-law

First appearanceBlue Code

Last appearanceMany Happy Returns

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Peter Arndt is Jessica Arndt's husband.

Character Background

Arndt was born on April 2, 1971, in Philadelphia. (“Many Happy Returns”)


John Reese met with Jessica at an airport and noticed an engagement ring on her finger. Jessica revealed that she was engaged to Peter. Reese commented that he was a lucky guy. (“Mission Creep”)


Peter and Jessica eventually married. While at a bar in New York, he unknowingly met with Reese while waiting for Jessica. Excited to hear that Reese was from the same hometown as his wife, Peter waited for Jessica to arrive, but Reese left before he could "introduce" her to him. (“Blue Code”)


Jessica mentions that her marriage with Peter is fine when talking with Reese on the phone, while he is on a mission in Morocco. (“Matsya Nyaya”)

This was revealed to be false however, as Peter was abusive to Jessica as he frequently twisted her wrists and hit her. This abuse would cause Jessica's social security number to appear repeatedly on the Machine's irrelevant list. (“Ghosts”) Eventually, Peter accidentally pushed Jessica over, causing blunt force trauma to her head, killing her. Rather than call 911, he staged a car accident which later was determined to have caused her death. By this point, Peter was deep in debt, having gambled away all of his money and owed over three million dollars to "various entities" including two loan sharks. (“Many Happy Returns”).


In February, Peter would continue about his life but with a brace for his leg. One night, he came home to find Reese watching his wedding video, suspecting he was an employee of a loan shark he owed a large sum of money. Realizing he was of importance to Jessica seeking to hurt him, he grabbed a fireplace poker and tried in vain to fight Reese.

It is strongly implied that Reese either killed him, or took him across the border to Mexico and framed him for drug running, as no corpse was found and Peter left a lot of blood at the scene. Before Reese goes after Peter, he is seen on a bus with his side bleeding after being shot by his partner, Kara, in Ordos and says, "I guess I quit my job." (“Many Happy Returns”)


  • Peter's social security number is XXX-XX-7649. (“Many Happy Returns”)
  • Peter and Jessica's full address was 28 Muir Place, New Rochelle, NY, 10801. (“Many Happy Returns”)
  • In the initial Pilot script written by Jonathan Nolan, it suggest that Peter Arndt was beaten to death in May by Reese.
  • The Machine predicted that in a world where it didn't exist, Reese would've returned in time to save Jessica from Peter. However, the way he did it frightened Jessica who ultimately left Reese. (“.exe”)