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The following is a list of photographs that either appear in several episodes, or are focal to the main arc in an episode.

Lee Fusco

Image Episode Character(s)
2x05 - Fusco's phone.png Masquerade”, “Bury the Lede”, “C.O.D. Lee Fusco
Detective Fusco keeps a picture of his son Lee as wallpaper on his phone.
1x11 - Fusco's desk.png Super”, “In Extremis”, “M.I.A.
Fusco also has a framed copy of the picture on his desk in the NYPD 8th Precinct.

"In the beginning...N.I."

Harold Finch and Nathan Ingram

  • 1x10, 1x14, 2x22
  • At some point, Ingram gave Finch a photo of their younger selves, and wrote "In the beginning... -N.I." on its back.
  • Finch keeps the photo in a copy of Arthur Koestler's "The Ghost in the Machine"
  • The photo also appears in the folder with information about Finch's past that Fusco collected for Reese.

Jessica Arndt

Image Episode Character(s)
Jessica001.png Ghosts Jessica Arndt
Jessica's photo is first seen during an early stage of building the Machine (2007?)
POI 0316 from0121.png Many Happy Returns
When Finch runs into Reese in the New Rochelle hospital, he has the photograph along with one of Peter Arndt and John Reese in a folder suggesting that he has been watching them. (2011)
2x22 - Jessica's photo in safe.png God Mode
When Reese and Shaw search for Finch and Root, the Machine points them to a hidden wall safe in the Library where Reese finds Jessica's photo along with photos of other POIs and a map of possible Machine locations. (2013)

Anna Sanders

Image Episode Character(s)
2x14 - Anna Sanders SSN.png One Percent Anna Sanders
Following the contingency function, Nathan Ingram added to the Machine shortly before it was shipped (“No Good Deed”), the Machine sends Anna's number to Nathan Ingram in 2009.
2x21 - Anna Sanders pic on Nathan's board.png Zero Day”, “God Mode
On Nathan's board in the Library
2x22 - Anna Sanders Safe.png God Mode
Reese finds the picture in the Library safe when he and Shaw search for Finch and Root. (2013)

Joss Carter

Image Episode Character(s)
POI 0109 Main1.png Get Carter Joss Carter
Finch printed out the picture after the Machine sent him Carter's number. (2011)
POI 0310 Carter.png The Devil's Share
A larger version of the picture was placed at Carter's grave at her funeral. (2014)
3x23 - Library photos.png Deus Ex Machina
Carter's photo was among a collection of POI photos and printouts that was scattered all over the floor when the Library was raided. (2014)

The Man in the Suit

Image Episode Character(s)
1x18 - Donnelly's TMITS board.png Identity Crisis The Man in the Suit
Special Agent Donnelly's only photograph that shows the Man in the Suit. He keeps the photo along with other evidence he has collected about the Man in the Suit in a secure FBI facility.
2x01 - Special Counsel's TMITS pic.png The Contingency
Special Counsel shows a copy of the picture to Denton Weeks when he informs him about the unknown man who helped Henry Peck escape from a team of ISA hitmen.
3x08 - The Man in the Suit.png Endgame
Another picture of the Man in the Suit was taken by the dashboard camera of a police car that belonged to HR which was parked outside Judge Monahan's residence. It captured Reese with Carter and Alonzo Quinn.
3x09 - Simmons has Reese's photo.png The Crossing
Simmons shows the picture to a fellow cop to kick off the hunt for the Man in the Suit.
POI 0321 Main.png Deus Ex Machina
Samaritan finds the photo when it searches for Harold Finch's associates.

Alicia Corwin

Image Episode Character(s)
2x01 - Corwin's body.png The Contingency Alicia Corwin
Special Counsel shows the photo to Denton Weeks.
2x12 - Special Counsel's drawer.png Prisoner's Dilemma
He keeps it along with reports about the murder and the RFID chip Hersh retrieved from Corwin's body in his desk drawer.
POI 0221 Decima.png Zero Day
Special Counsel also has the picture attached to a report about Decima Technologies and the RFID chip they planted in Corwin.
3x17 - Root Info MPOV.png Root Path (/)
The Machine connects the image to Root

Reese in Uniform

Image Episode Character(s)
1x21 Headshots.jpg Many Happy Returns John Reese
When Finch runs into Reese in the New Rochelle hospital, he has the photograph along with one of Peter Arndt and Jessica Arndt in a folder suggesting that he has been watching them. (2011)
1x21 - Reese's military file.png Many Happy Returns
The picture appears in Reese's military file which Carter had sent over to the precinct. She takes a quick look at the file and then shreds it. (2012)
3x09 - Reese's POI pic.png The Crossing
When Reese became a POI, Finch pinned the picture on his glass wall (2014)


Image Episode Character(s)
1x23 - Root's POI pic.png Firewall Caroline Turing
When the Machine sends Finch Caroline Turing's number, he sticks her photograph to the glass board. The photo also appears on Turing's social network page.
2x03 - Root's pic on Finch's desk.png Masquerade Root
Reese investigates Root after she abducted Finch. He collects Root's photographs, bank statements and other documents in a folder.
2x03 - Reese's Root folder.png Masquerade
Finch finds Reese's folder in one of the drawers in the Library.
2x04 - Root's pic - Identitysearcher.png Triggerman
Root's picture also appears on Finch's computer.
2x21 - Root collection.png Trojan Horse
Finch starts collecting everything he and Reese have found out about Root on a small board in the Library.
3x23 - Root Irrelevant.png Deus Ex Machina
Samaritan uses Root's headshot to look for her.
2x01 - Looking for Root and Finch.png The Contingency Root
Reese uses another photograph of Root to show Leon Tao after Root abducted Finch. he pictures later appeared on a small board where Finch collected everything he found out about Root. The picture of Finch was originally taken by Fusco in “Wolf and Cub” when Reese sent him spying on Finch. The black jacket on the very right of the image belongs to Will Ingram.


Carter's Photo

Image Episode Character(s)
POI 0109 Man1.png Get Carter Unknown, possibly Paul Carter
While protecting Detective Carter, Finch finds the picture of a man in uniform hidden behind the sun blinds of Carter's car.

Reese and Jessica

Image Episode Character(s)
POI 0121 Pic1.png Many Happy Returns John Reese and Jessica Arndt
Detective Carter finds the picture among Jessica's belongings at her mother's house. She keeps the picture without telling Reese about it.
In “Terra Incognita”, Reese finds the photos among Carter's personal effects while gathering information about a cold case Carter had worked on several years ago.
Reese and Jessica4x20.png Terra Incognita John Reese and Jessica Arndt
Reese takes out the picture of him and Jessica and explains to Carter why he left her: he was unsure he'd make it back from military service alive. Carter, however, chastises Reese for using Jessica's death as an excuse to shut out everyone around him.

Grace and Harold

Image Episode Character(s)
1x22 - Grace's photo.png No Good Deed Harold Finch and Grace Hendricks
Grace keeps a picture of her and Harold in her living room after she lost him in an accident.
2x08 - Harold and Grace.png Til Death Harold Finch and Grace Hendricks
Harold keeps a photo of them posing in front of the "The Red Tower" painting in the Guggenheim museum.

Nathan and Will Ingram

Image Episode Character(s)
1x11 - Nathan and Will.png Super Nathan Ingram and Will Ingram
Nathan Ingram keeps a photograph of himself with his son Will on his desk at IFT.

Harold Wren and Arthur Claypool

Image Episode Character(s)
POI 0312 00044.png Aletheia Harold Wren and Arthur Claypool
Harold Wren and Arthur Claypool as students at MIT.

Harold Wren

Image Episode Character(s)
Harold Wren.jpg Wolf and Cub Harold Wren
Harold Wren at MIT. Fusco digs out the picture and informs Reese that "Harold Wren" appears to be Finch's oldest alias.