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First Appearance2πR

Latest AppearanceYHWH

Pi is a mathematical constant, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its radius. Its value is rounded to 3.14159 and represented by the Greek letter π.

Its decimal value is infinite, having been calculated to over a million decimal places with no regular repeating pattern.

Calculation of pi.

Pi in the Person of Interest Universe

  • 2πR”: Finch impersonates a high school teacher to approach their next number, a teenager attending this school. He lectures to the class on how pi is assumed to contain any finite sequence of digits within its neverending decimal sequence, and stresses the fact that "now, whatever [they] do with this information, will be entirely up to [the student]".
  • Search and Destroy”: Root use the code of 314 to open the briefcase which contains a replica of the Fabergé Pine Cone Egg.
  • YHWH”: The Machine sends the code of 314 to Finch and Root in order to point them to the Briefcase which would later be used to save the core of the Machine.