Image Episode NameOccupation
Root Root Cause, Firewall Root Hacker, Assassin
Root first appears as a hacker and contract killer hired by Pete Matheson to incriminate Scott Powell for the killing of a congressman by planting false information. Root digitally meets Finch under this name. (“Root Cause”) She later introduces herself to Finch as "Root" before kidnapping him. (“Firewall”)

Significance of alias: This alias comes from the superuser account "root" on Unix and Unix-like systems. Superuser accounts are used for system administration and have extreme clearance and power, like the ability to arbitrarily modify files. Windows has a similar account called "administrator", often shortened to 'admin'

1x23 - POI Caroline Firewall Caroline Turing Psychiatrist
Works as a psychiatrist in New York City. She anonymously hires HR to put a hit on herself, resulting in the Machine giving Reese and Finch her number. Reese protects her while being pursued by the FBI, and sends her to Finch, who is waiting in a car. Root kills Alicia Corwin before introducing herself as "Root" to Finch.

Significance of alias: Homage to Alan Turing, an early theorist on the subject of artificial intelligence and developer of the Turing machine, an early mathematical model for a computing machine, created in 1936.

POI 0202 root1 Bad Code Kelly Dyson
From Milwaukee, WI. Root uses the alias at a gas station in Relton, MD.

Significance of alias: Probably a reference to physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson, "inventor" of the hypothetical Dyson sphere.

POI 0202 Root3 Bad Code Jane von Neumann
From Seattle, WA. Root buys "Flowers for Algernon" and sent it to Barbara Russell as a cruel reminder of the death of Hanna Frey.

Significance of alias: Refers to computing pioneer John Von Neumann, creator of the Von Neumann architecture for computers.

POI 0221 Root2 Booked Solid, Relevance, Zero Day Ms. May Secretary
Works as an office assistant at the Office of Special Counsel. She later interrogates Special Counsel on the whereabouts of the Machine.

Significance of alias: Probably a reference to UK computing pioneer David May, originator of May's Law, a corollary to Moore's Law.

POI 0216 Root Relevance Veronica Sinclair CIA Analyst
Root poses as Michael Cole's CIA contact, keeping the real Veronica tied up in the bathroom. She meets Sameen Shaw for the first time under this name, and prepares to torture her for information on Daniel Aquino; information which Root believes holds the key to the Machine's location. She is forced to leave when Special Counsel's hit team arrives.

Significance of alias: Probably none, as Root assumes the identity of another person and thus cannot choose the name she uses.

3x01 Liberty Liberty, Lady Killer Robin Farrow
Finch places her in Stoneridge Hospital under this name, and she is a patient of Dr. Ronald Carmichael. (“Liberty”) Root uses the Machine's help to save herself from Hersh and escape the hospital. (“Lady Killer”)

Significance of alias: May be inspired by the faro shuffle, an exact shuffle of playing cards in which the deck is evenly split and cards from each half of the deck alternate in the resulting shuffled deck. The faro shuffle is apparently used for parallel processing algorithms and has been analyzed mathematically using group theory.

POI 0317 Root2 Root Path (/)”,
Most Likely To...
Augusta A. King FBI Agent
Root poses as a FBI Agent to retrieve Cyrus Wells from the NYPD after he was arrested. She uses the alias again to support Fusco and Finch in their investigation into the Leona Wainwright assassination and later in the same episode while rescuing them from Vigilance.

Significance of alias: Born Augusta Ada Byron, her legal name was Augusta Ada King after her marriage to William King-Noel, Earl of Lovelace. However, she never really used the name "Augusta" and is best known as Ada Lovelace. As a result of her work on Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine, she is popularly known as the first computer programmer. The Ada programming language is named after her.

Root as Sara Cook Prophets Sara Cook United Nations Translator
Root poses as a United Nations Translator whose assignment includes flirting with the Secretary General who loves red heads.

Significance of alias: Mathematician Stephen Cook is best known for his work in computational complexity theory. The Cook reduction and Cook-Levin theorem are named after him.

POI - Root as Karen Iverson Prophets Karen Iverson Reporter
Root poses as a New York Journal reporter to investigate the voting conspiracy regarding Samaritan and Simon Lee.

Significance of alias: Kenneth Iverson was a noted mathematician and computer scientist who is best known for creating Iverson notation.

POI 0405 Root Prophets Hannah Karpinski Restaurant Worker
Root poses as a restaurant worker who was injured by drive-by shooting, while talking to Harold about Simon Lee, The Machine and its future.

Significance of alias: This alias may refer to Jacek Karpiński, a Polish engineer who designed one of the first minicomputers. He was also a founder of the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence. It also may combine the names of two major figures in math and computer science, Richard M. Karp and Waclaw Sierpinski. A number of theorems and algorithms bear Karp's name, while Siepinski is most widely known for the Sierpinski triangle, one of several types of fractals which are named after him.

Root as Nanny Honor Among Thieves Veronique Chéreau Nanny
Root poses as a French NYC nanny ("French Mary Poppins Barbie") and makes contact to Jared Wilkins, a new suspect.

Significance of alias: Possibly after Fabien Chéreau, a computer programmer and engineer best known for his work on the European Space Agency satellite Gaia and the open-source planetarium software Stellarium.

Root as Melinda Porter Honor Among Thieves Melinda Porter Legal Secretary
Root dresses like Melinda Porter, an employee working in the O.T.P.S. building. She drugs the real Melinda, uses her keys to get into the building and take down security cameras, so Finch can sabotage the 3D printers.

Significance of alias: Unknown. Again, Root is assuming the identity of someone else.

4x10 - MrBerenstein The Cold War Mr. Berenstain Teddy bear
Root's costume at a children's party

Significance of alias: Berenstain Bears is the name of a popular series of children's picture books.

AliceGinsburg M.I.A. Alice Ginsburg NYPD officer
Root's identify to get access to surveilance footage at Maple's local police station.

Significance of alias: Seymour Ginsburg was a computer science pioneer who made significant contributions to the theoretical underpinnings for databases, automata, and formal languages.

POI 0421 Root as Monica Chaney Asylum Monica Chaney Doctor

Significance of alias:

POI 0507 Root as Constance Ward QSO Constance Ward Traffic, NYPD

Significance of alias:

POI 0507 Root as Petrina Durov QSO Petrina Durov Dancer

Significance of alias: Possibly a reference to Pavel Durov, russian entrepreneur who founded the social network VK and the instant messanger Telegram.

POI 0507 Root as Anna Beyers QSO Anna Beyers Colonial Reenactor

Significance of alias:

POI 0507 Root as Rose Franklin QSO Rose Franklin Radio producer

Significance of alias: Could be a reference to Rosalind Franklin, who made serious contributions to the discovery of DNA, most of which have only been recognized posthumously.

POI 0508 Root as Jane Martin Reassortment Jane Martin CDC Inspector

Significance of alias: Maybe James Martin, a british information technology author.

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