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First AppearanceTrojan Horse

Last AppearanceDeus Ex Machina

LeaderMartin Baxter

PurposeComputer Hardware Manufacturer

ConnectionDecima Technologies


Rylatech is a leading networking equipment company that produced switches and routers. It became involved in espionage.

After the dotcom bubble burst, Rylatech went bankrupt and its owner Martin Baxter saved the company by selling out to Decima Technologies. Rylatech compromised its products to allow Decima access to its clients data transfers. Among those clients were the US government and a number of contractors. Decima accumulated a great amount of top secret files and shared a small number of those with China.

When Senior VP Monica Jacobs suspected Justin Lee of corporate espionage, she shared her suspicions with Ross Haskell. Assisted by Jerome Eckert, Martin Baxter had her framed as a spy and had her terminated. Reese and Finch intervened, and cleared Monica's name and sent evidence of Rylatech's extralegal activities to the FBI. Upon instructions from Greer, Martin killed himself to avoid capture.

The Machine monitors Rylatech hardware. (“Deus Ex Machina”)

The next day, Rylatech's stock plummeted under rumors of espionage, the FBI started an investigation, Rylatech's products were ordered replaced and Decima made it seem China was responsible. (“Trojan Horse”)

Vigilance uses Rylatech satellite technology to broadcast their trial all across the world. Greer, however, reveals it was broadcast to a single office where computers created the impression millions were watching. (“Deus Ex Machina”)

Known Members


Spies for China & Decima Technologies

  • Daniel Arostegui
  • Karen Ayala
  • Elena Beecher
  • L. Brodie
  • Joshua Brown
  • Jody Carrolton
  • Nicole Chatterjee
  • Sophie Chen
  • Amy Dholakia
  • Carver Diserens
  • Jerome Eckert - Deceased
  • Tracy Escuela
  • Tom Firestone
  • Charles Hall
  • Christopher Hanson
  • Elyse Holoway
  • Benjamin Horowitz
  • Lisa Humphrey
  • Evan Jayaraman
  • Sarah Johnson
  • Chad Kali
  • Stephen Kladivo
  • Mary Landon
  • Nathan Lee
  • Justin Lee - Deceased
  • Brigitte Liebowitz
  • Henry Lopez
  • Jacqueline Macadangdang
  • Warren Mansour
  • Rick Moody
  • Madeleine Nimoy
  • Aaron Palecki
  • Norelia O'Toole
  • Howard Polanski
  • Elyse Reeves
  • Kyle Reuben
  • Mark Song
  • Natalie Tokushima
  • Vijayendra Verma
  • Ricardo Villanueva
  • Yoshimura Watanabe
  • John Greer