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The Brotherhood


NameThe Brotherhood

First AppearancePanopticon

Latest AppearanceYHWH

LeaderDominic (formerly; deceased)


The Brotherhood is a modern criminal gang working in New York. Their objectives are to control the crime in New York city by supplanting Elias's criminal syndicate.


The Brotherhood are involved in the drug trade in New York City, and recently took over the handling and distribution of a major heroin shipment known as "the Whale". Consisting largely of African-American men, their leader is Dominic, a mysterious crime boss. Dominic's right-hand man is Link, a young, violent gang member who oversees the packaging and distribution of the drugs and handles work in the field. They succeed to recruit the Trinitarios as their new members.

The Brotherhood eventually captures Reese, Elias and Fusco. After Harper Rose helps Fusco escape, the Brotherhood threatens their three hostages in an attempt to get Finch to cooperate but he is stopped by Root. Before the Brotherhood can execute Harper and Elias, the Machine makes contact with Reese through a fax machine and gives him instructions on how to free himself. Once free, the Machine puts Reese into God Mode and he defeats the Brotherhood with the Machine's help. The Brotherhood is arrested by police officers led by Fusco and Dominic is killed in the Correction, effectively ending the Brotherhood.

Known Members

High-Ranking Members

Known Operatives

  • Erica Lennox (Deceased)
  • Gino
  • Ike
  • Alex Ortiz (Forced)(Arrested)
  • Trinitario Deputy
  • Meech (Deceased)
  • Trig
  • Modeley