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The Man in the Suit is a moniker for John Reese referring to his trademark black suit.

The following is a list of quotes from various episodes mentioning the Man in the Suit or any variation of it.

Man in the Suit

Identity Crisis


  • "Man in the Suit? We got him." - Donnelly

Bury the Lede

  • "And, uh, don't think I've forgotten about your man in the suit. We will catch him as soon as we're done with this." -Donnelly
  • "And when you step out of the shadows to help her out, she's going to know you're the man in the suit." -Harold Finch
  • "So you're off to chase your man in the suit?" -John Reese

The High Road

  • "Your man-in-the-suit routine doesn't exactly play." -Finch

Shadow Box

  • "So, with HR degraded to the point of irrelevance, my team is shifting priorities back to the man in the suit." -Donnelly
  • "For instance, we think Mark Snow, the CIA agent who contacted you, may also have been recruited by the man in the suit." -Donnelly
  • "I mean, Snow was sent to find this man by the CIA. He catches him, and then the man in the suit flips him. Gets Snow to be his asset." -Donnelly
  • "Gotta stop, John. Donnelly's back and he's hot for the man in the suit." - Joss Carter
  • "I think we got our break. The man in the suit was involved in a robbery at a charity on the Upper East Side." -Donnelly
  • "Looks like that pain-in-the-ass Donnelly finally caught up with the man in the suit." -Patrick Simmons

Prisoner's Dilemma

  • "The man in the suit, you still want to catch him?" - Donnelly
  • "Your man in the suit, we got 4 of them." -Donnelly
  • "I'm not gonna let the man in the suit slip away just because his license checks out." -Donnelly
  • "While our man in the suit was committing homicide in New Rochelle, Mr. Kelly was in Iraq." -Donnelly
  • "Are you the person the police call "the man in the suit?" -Donnelly
  • "So if we let nature run its course, maybe the man in the suit will show us his combat skills." -Donnelly
  • "When the man in the sui...John here, slipped away, I knew we had a mole/" - Donnelly

Reasonable Doubt

  • "Who was that man in Washington Heights, in the suit?" -Mike Laskey


  • "All right. We're about to get the tapes and the man in the suit." -Simmons


  • "This has "Man In The Suit" written all over it." -Simmons
  • "The man in the suit dies tonight." -Simmons


  • "Drove the cops nuts, though, they called him the man in... the suit." -Walter Dang
  • "That vigilante I heard about? The man in the suit?" -Dang


  • "Rumor had it that the underworld's most elite assassin was taken out by the so-called "man in the suit", but I always figured you were too clever to be done in by some gun-for-hire." -Bela Durchenko

return 0

  • "... and in your case, Riley, a bespoke suit. Which reminds me of this vigilante we had a couple of years back. We used to call him man in the suit."

Man in a Suit

Bury the Lede

  • "She's been scouring through police records, talking to witnesses, hunting for a man in a suit." -Harold Finch
  • "The police just call him the man in a suit." -Maxine Angelis

Prisoner's Dilemma

  • "I know all about his hunt for the "man in a suit." -Elias
  • "Now you want to give me the name of your boss or can I just charge you as the man in a suit?" -Nicholas Donnelly
  • "Congratulations Carter, you just caught the man in a suit." -Donnelly

Dead Reckoning

  • "This one, Mark Snow, fits the description of your man in a suit." -SAIC Brian Moss
  • "So does that mean that the Bureau's case against the man in a suit is..." - Carter


  • "(...) hush hush meetings with some man in a suit." -Mike Laskey

Guy in the Suit


  • Joss Carter: "I want answers. Now."
    Lionel Fusco: "The guy in the suit."
    Carter: "What did you say?"
    Fusco: "The guy in the suit, the one you've been chasing."

Bad Code

  • "Look at the guy in the suit." -some barfly in Bishop, TX

Mors Praematura

  • "He's with the guy in the suit." -unnamed Vigilance member

Guy in a Suit




  • "My guy in a suit led me to another case. Nanny from the Bronx murdered on her lunch break." -Carter


  • "Who was he with? - Some tall guy in a suit. Definitely not with the Russians. Shot one of them in the knee before they got away." -Bill Szymanski


  • " Remember our friend, the German agent and his escort to JFK? Apparently a guy in a suit shot them off the road with a high-caliber weapon." -Lionel Fusco


The Contingency

  • "Some guy in a suit took him." -Aryan Brotherhood thug


  • "Cole, I think I've been made. My 3 o'clock, good looking guy in a suit." -Sameen Shaw

Pal in the Suit


  • "Her pal in the suit knows about the meet." -Mike Laskey
  • "And now your pal in the suit." -Mike Laskey

Friend in the Suit


Guy with the Suit

The Perfect Mark

  • The guy with the suit showed up, rolled Laskey and our guys, and then got away with the con man and his girl." -Raymond Terney

Killer in a Suit