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Universal Heritage Insurance

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NameUniversal Heritage Insurance

AppearanceWolf and Cub

PurposeInsurance company



Universal Heritage Insurance is an insurance company in New York. Harold Wren has worked there as an underwriter for a number of years. (“Wolf and Cub”)



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Adress: 930 W 57th Street, Suite (unknown), New York, NY 10019

Phone number: (212) 555-0112 (“Many Happy Returns”)

Real-life location

Street numbers don't go that far on W 57th Street. The scenes with Will Ingram in Finch's office were more likely filmed at One State Street Plaza, across Battery Park at the south tip of Manhattan. The Staten Island Ferry Terminal logo is visible in the background when Fusco takes pictures of Will Ingram and Finch exiting the building. Furthermore, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are faintly visible from Finch's office. (“Wolf and Cub”)


  • A website , owned by Warner Brothers, exists for the company.