Wendy McNally

Wendy McNally

Played byBridget Regan

NameWendy McNally



OccupationHair stylist

ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

FamilySusan McNally (mother)
Paula Vasquez (foster sister)

AppearanceNumber Crunch

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Wendy McNally is the daughter of Susan McNally as well as a hair stylist who was one of the four people who witnessed the car accident of a Congressman's son.

Wendy, her foster sister Paula Vasquez and two others (Matt Duggan and Claire Ryan) are targeted after stealing a million dollars from the accident site and dividing it equally between them.

Reese meets her when he is posing as a customer at her hair salon, where she comments on his hairstyle and flirts with him. He later saves her and her sister's life from the assassins sent by Congressman Halen and his partner. Reese lets the women keep the money as they need it to save their mother's home and he assures them that no one will come after them anymore.

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