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Ordos, China

Main article: Ordos
  • Reese and Stanton are sent there to recover a laptop which contains parts of a source code similar to Stuxnet. (“Matsya Nyaya”)
  • Original filming location: A housing development under construction on Long Island. According to a casting call, the massacre scene was shot in the Rockaway Beach area.


Czech Republic


  • Seen in: “Prisoner's Dilemma
  • Reese & Stanton kill a couple in a bar in Paris in 2009. Later that night, sick of his nonchalant attitude, Stanton draws a gun on Reese and tells him to choose between being a boy scout or a killer. Reese slams her into a wall and says that he loves his work, and they kiss.


  • Shaw and Michael Cole take care of a relevant number in Berlin. (“Relevance”)
  • Original filming location: The Berlin scenes were filmed on Roosevelt Island. Scenes were filmed at Good Shepherd Plaza and at the Motorgate Parking Garage. Shaw sets the explosive near 568 Main St. She walks across the street, near the northern wall of 580 Main St. before operating the remote denotator.


  • Seen in:
    • Foe”. Reese met Stanton for the first time in Budapest in 2006.
    • Panopticon”. Martine Rousseau, a Samaritan operative, kills a journalist who believes an AI "slipped into the world unannounced".


  • Seen in: “Get Carter
  • Original filming location: Fort Totten tunnels, part of a decommissioned Army base in Queens






  • Seen in: “One Percent
  • Logan Pierce has a "safe house" in St. Petersburg.
  • Original filming location: The St. Petersburg pierogi bar is Viktor and Spoils, the taqueria and tequila bar in the Hotel on Rivington. Emily's St. Petersburg hotel room is really the Mexican room, adjacent to the room used for the auction at the Americas Society. The St. Petersburg bridge is the Glen Island Bridge over New Rochelle Harbor.


  • Alistair Wesley met Reese in Istanbul. (“Critical”)
  • Reese booked a flight to Istanbul which was rerouted to Italy. (“4C”)